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Behind You

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A look behind you at your favorite movie? With the TV series Behind You by LaToya Gittings, it's the next best thing to actually being there in person.

Filmed for television and available to watch online, Behind You follows the life of Lizzy Silver-Gull, a recent college graduate who has her sights set on obtaining her degree in social work. A night out with a group of friends ends in disaster when Lizzy accidentally hits a man crossing the street, leaving him with permanent facial scarring, but he is the most interesting client that she has had since beginning her job search.

A series of unfortunate events lead to an investigation by the Danish police force that leads to a confrontation between Lizzy and one of her closest friends. Not long after, Lizzy finds herself falling for another man who she is shocked to discover is in fact a member of the Danish police force. The intriguing mystery and romantic subplots bring drama and suspense to a film that will keep you glued to your chair!

The movie uses unusual scenes to tell the story. A flying plate in the first scene introduces the main character to her secret identity as an FBI agent, and in the second scene, we see some of the other characters in Lizzy's world that help her connected to her past. This all helps to create a well-rounded character and a storyline that are unique to the film. The technique is effective enough to fool some viewers into thinking the characters are real, so you will be entertained by what is going on while you're watching the movie.

Behind You is the latest incarnation of the TV series "The Mysteries of Laura," which was part of the TLC channel's Unsolved Mysteries program. It is part of the public service news channel's "Real Crime" series, and the channel also produces several other shows about crime solving and other related topics.

The series will be on the air in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Russia, and Finland until May. Movie tickets are available from ticket websites. This film could make a good addition to your television viewing schedule.

Before you purchase any tickets, check out the above information to learn more about the film. It contains helpful information on who directed the film, and some clips from the movie, including the "Behind You" scene.

Behind You is the seventh installment in the TV series of the same name. It has been highly rated, with a rating of five stars from movieguide.com, and has an average rating of over two stars.

Average: 5.1 / 10 (292 votes)
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Genres: Horror

Duration: 86min

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