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Barbie: Princess Adventure

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Beginning with the classic, original story of an enchanting Andersen fairy tale, Barbie Princess Adventure in 2020, the new line has taken a different direction and more so than the previous Barbie fashion games. Starting from the modern version of an Andersen fairy tale, the new line has shifted from the traditional princess stories and concentrated on more contemporary themes including fashion and more importantly on stories revolving round Barbie's various family members and their respective careers. The aim of the game is to have all Barbie princesses achieve success and make it big in life.

The latest addition to the game series is the new release of Barbie: Thumbelina. Unlike previous Barbie fashion games, this one is more focused on a female perspective. It was developed by Sega and released in North America for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and Wii.

Barbie: Thumbelina was developed by Sega Dreamcast as well as Sega CD. It has more graphics and features than the previous games. There are three different characters that you will play as; the first one is Blaire, the second one is Sofia, and the third is Lillian, with all of them sporting their own unique abilities and personality traits. Each of these characters has their own style of playing the game, thus, making them all unique.

To complete all of the tasks given in the game, you have to dress up Barbie in the right way. There are many things that you need to do in order to complete the different stages of the game. First of all, you will need to choose your own outfit for the game; once done, you will then need to select a theme. The third stage involves dressing up a doll who is named Holly and the fourth level involves dressing up a doll who is named Bree.

Each character that you will choose to play as will have their own different set of clothes that will make them stand out and separate themselves from other characters such as Barbie. As mentioned earlier, Sofia has the ability to control the weather; she is also able to control the time in the day and even the time at night, with all of her outfits and accessories matching. each other perfectly. Bree is also known to be a master of fashion and can dress her dolls to look really fashionable, while Sofia can change the color of her dress according to the color of the surrounding.

You have to purchase a variety of different clothes for each of your dolls so that they will look their best. Once you have bought their outfits, you need to make sure that they fit them perfectly; you need to also ensure that the shoes are not too tight. loose or too loose.

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Genres: Animation , Music

Duration: 72min

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