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Bad Education

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A Long Island high school principal and his associate are hailed as heroes for bringing about such a dramatic improvement in the school district. Frank is a great master of verbal communication, whether in a classroom or on a phone call with a worried parent or community leader.

When a troubled student journalist uncovers an alarming embezzling scheme of epic proportions involving the principal and some of his aides, Frank concocts an ingenious cover-up. But when he and his assistants are confronted with evidence that they themselves are the suspects, they find themselves facing accusations of being involved in the same embezzling scheme.

In order to escape detection, Frank and his assistants decide to make a false claim of being the targets of hate crime. The school janitor is so taken by their story that he hires them to guard his store on days when he is not there. However, while they are out on business one day, the school authorities discover the janitor's secret identity - and arrest him for the crimes he committed. Their only hope lies in the principal, Frank, who is determined to stop the janitor before it's too late.

"High School Confidential" is a gripping and suspenseful account of the life of a young boy in America's largest urban area. It has a cast that includes George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Principal Frank, a New Yorker, is given a chance to turn around a school that was once known for its poverty, violence and corruption. He makes the mistake of believing that his success will be self-made and that the students will follow his lead.

With a cast of strong characters including Larry Manfreds as Principal Frank and Matt Damon as his associate, David, "High School Confidential" is an engrossing and enjoyable book that will make you laugh and cry. at the same time.

As a character Frank comes across as sympathetic and at times even admirable. He is also portrayed as a man who believes strongly in the educational process and who is willing to work closely with his staff.

Although there is some criticism leveled against the novel, I believe that it does a very good job of showing how bad education can impact not only students but the entire community. and even society in general. Unfortunately, many teachers do not realize that they have a problem until they are faced with an accusation of malfeasance, whether it is from parents or from the press.

Overall, "Bad Education" is a very well researched and compelling book that should appeal to readers who want to read about some of the worst school scandals in recent history. It will interest anyone interested in the challenges facing America's public schools.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , TV Movie

Duration: 108min

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