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One of the four Indian conglomerates, Aztech has emerged as one of the big contenders in the booming telecommunication sector in India. As the country's third largest telecommunication company, the company is also looking forward to cash in on the growing demand for their telecom services. The company was incorporated in the year 1989 and its main product is telephony. With over 14 years of experience in this field, they have become quite proficient in their business and have made immense inroads in the field.

They also provide their customers with some interesting freebies and benefits. For instance, customers get rewarded when they refer friends to them, refer other people to Aztech, buy any of their products or use any of their services. Apart from this, they also offer regional movies so that the customers can enjoy the best entertainment possible in their locality. Regional movies are the latest trend in the Bollywood industry. Here, a person will get a better choice and platform to select a film as per his preference and budget. While films are not released directly to the subscribers, those who are already members of Aztech get them first through the mail from the company.

A movie download can be chosen either by the customer or by the member of Aztech. Once a customer registers with the site, he can either choose a movie or simply log into the site to check available movies. The customer can then browse through the various titles that have been categorised into sections like action, adventure, comedy, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction and much more. To check and verify if a movie is good, the customer can either log in using his email ID or verify his Aztech email ID. Once a movie is downloaded, it can be viewed by the member or by anyone else who is on the waiting list.

The hero of this movie is called Ajit (Surya van Gogh), a twenty-year-old Bollywood superstar who happens to be very shy and introverted. He happens to live with his younger sister Amrit (Anith Acharya). He used to go to a boarding school called Shaiva in Delhi but now, he has come home to Mumbai where he plans to start a new life. He plans to be a fighter pilot and he would like to meet new friends. Along with his new friends, he gets introduced to the game 'Aztec', which was invented by an Indian called Neeraj Ghosh. From then on, Ajit slowly begins to realise that he must fight to win.

It is from this film that Ajit learns that there are other lifeforms other than humans on this planet and that there must be an extermination drive ongoing. He is told about the evil plot by his evil boss Mr. Subota (Naveen Kaushman). However, Ajit is more interested in learning more about the game, so he decides to go to Earth and play it. Once he comes back, he meets a girl called Madhubala (Koena Sheikh), who happens to be from a different dimension, which helps him understand how the Aztec Empire came to be.

The movie becomes very interesting when it comes to the characters that are played by Ajit and Madhubala. They are very different and their relationship is very interesting to watch. In the end, the film shows how the forces of good can overcome the evil.

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Duration: 90min

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