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Athlete A

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In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a professional wrestler, Athlete A. The story starts when Athlete A is looking for a place to train. He finally decides to take up an apprenticeship at the famed gym in Miami, Joe Gotz Gym. What Athlete A does not know is that Joe Gotz Gym is in league with Coach Jeff Hardy, an actor and wrestler, and will stop at nothing to get rid of Athlete A. "The Last Champs" also stars Kelly McGillis, Jordan Clarke, and Zachary Winter.

The full-length version was directed by Sean Durkin, and stars Daniel Cudmore, Brent Sexton, Alicia Witt, and Jason Momoa. I personally enjoyed the movie, it has its problems but it is a movie that you must see. I would recommend going to the movie theater so you can see all the special effects and music in the background. But the DVD release of this movie doesn't have the added special effects and music.

The plot is very basic and has four key events leading up to the ending. We find out that Athlete A, the wrestler, is not what he seems. He has emotional issues. He may be cheating on his wife and he may be having an affair with his high school classmate. This leads to a tension that will ultimately bring about a shocking conclusion.

Athlete A's emotional issues will become the focus of the movie and as the tension builds, so will his athletic performance. When he starts winning all the matches he was supposed to lose, he discovers that his trainer, Jeff Hardy, has a problem with his cheating. The trainer thinks he is stealing secrets and gets a hitman to kill Hardy. The hitman gets close to killing him, but the police think it was a mistake.

Meanwhile, Athlete A will end up facing and defeating his own hitman, which opens up his mind and pushes him to his breaking point. When his coach discovers what he has done, he tries to bribe him. But it does not work, so Hardy, who was forced to admit he was wrong about him, breaks his coach out of jail. With his coach freed and angry at Hardy, the hitman has no choice but to join forces with him. He realizes that he is on a path to success.

Every character is likable and the performances are great. The director was clever enough to play the movie like a film noir. The cinematography and editing are superb. When you watch this movie, you will know why this was a box office smash.

I know many people believe that Special Effects are not necessary in movies. I disagree. These movies will help sell tickets and draw people in. I really enjoyed this movie and I know you will enjoy it as well. You won't want to miss out on this one.

My recommendation is to buy an online ticket. Or even better, get your favorite scalper to do the work for you. Once you buy an online ticket, you will be able to watch the movie any time you want, whether it is at home or on vacation.

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Duration: 104min

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