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Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot

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The movie "Arthur & Merlin: Knights of the Round Table" is a good comedy that many viewers have come to love. The storyline and characters are great and make for an entertaining time for viewing the movie. The movie is directed by Peter Jackson and is based on the story of the book "The Legend of King Arthur".

The film stars James Agee as the main role, along with two of his closest friends, John Hurt and Aidan Turner. As the plot goes, a young king, Arthur, hires them to go to a quest that will be very dangerous for him. The three of them must journey to three different kingdoms where they will do battle with three knights, King Arthur's enemies.

The film has a very anime style of storytelling, which is quite refreshing and not always done with other movies. It also has some good action scenes and isn't afraid to show some brawls between the knights.

The three knights in this film all have different traits, which makes them different from each other. Lancelot is the brave and honest, with a good heart, whereas Sir Galahad can be cruel and greedy. They all have their own personality and it's hard to root for one to win over the other. The point is to have fun while watching the movie.

The web has many internet sites dedicated to the movie and its fans. You can read up on the background and learn more about the production and other reviews on the movie.

There are several DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the Arthur & Merlin: Knights of the Round Table as well. The British Royal National Film School (RNFS) also produces a DVD entitled "Arthur & Merlin: Knights of the Round Table". Although the movie does contain many Englishmen, the voice talents mostly belong to the United States and Canadian regions.

In the movie, the settings are fantastical and colorful. There are castle scenes, chateaus, and more like Robin Hood's hideout. The movie has more action than most comedies out there today, which can be frustrating at times.

Overall, the Arthur & Merlin: Knights of the Round Table is a classic and great movie. The knights look cool as ever and are definitely worth watching.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , History

Duration: 91min

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