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Angela's Christmas Wish

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The first half hour of the movie" Angela's Christmas Wish" is a well-paced movie that contains many entertaining sequences. However, the film suffers from poor special effects and some rather poor acting. There are several memorable scenes, but the actual movie itself is pretty short. I feel that the entire second half of the film could have been cut or trimmed a bit more.

For those who don't know, the movie starts out with an extended title sequence where Dr. X and his assistant Christian (Darius Okoycnik) discuss the next plan for the humans on earth. They ponder on what to do with the planetarium. Meanwhile, inside the lab, Dr. X prepares the first group of humans to go through the "life transition," which will enable them to leave their bodies behind for another life on earth. It is here that the second half of the film takes place. It would have been much better to start the second half with the humans already on their way to paradise.

In the next scene, Dr. X and his assistant Dr. Ensley prepare the last group of human participants for the christening. Frank McCourt does a nice acting job in this scene as the kindly, caring father. It makes you feel bad when the first couple's son Noah (Kevin Pollack) falls asleep during the process and is accidentally thrown out of the window of the plane, which has been boarded by two terrorists. In the next scene, Frank and his associate Dr. Clark receive the good news from the US president that the plane had been successfully sabotaged and boarded by a military chopper piloted by General Carter (Hayden Christensen).

When the plane lands, a military dog finds and attacks Noah, who is taken to the lab for tests. It is here, in the midst of the dog testing, that Frank McCourt makes his legendary Christmas wish to Angela. But first he has to convince her of his faith in her, as she has also had similar dreams over the years. He tries to get her to read his personal Christmas wish list, but she backs away, likely due to the nature of his wishes.

When the list is over, Frank goes back to Angela and begs her to make it to her birthday in the future. She agrees and they share a very special kiss before finally making it to the next room where Christmas preparations are still going on. Finally, after finding her gift in the basket, she realizes that it is not her present. However, when Frank asks her if she would like to see a movie about the journey of man, she agrees and gets on the plane with her friend, insisting that they save the world together. As the plane takes off, there is a tearful moment when the happy couple sees their plane approaching and they both quickly remember their Christmas wish for each other...

In summation, this is a fantastic movie and one that will make your heart melt. There are romance, humor, heartache and a great message of hope and remembrance at the end. Streamed on Hulu, you can definitely watch's Christmas wish (2020) online for a low cost and download the movie. If you have not checked it out yet, why not take a minute to add this film to your video library and watch it whenever you like. I highly recommend it. Streaming is free and there are no ads so you get to enjoy the movie without having to worry about running out of money.

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Genres: Animation

Duration: 47min

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