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Albrecht Durer's "The Serial Killer" had a great impact on the Internet and spawned many more movies to come. In "Serial Killer", the protagonist, serial killer Dennis Nedrack (Russell Crowe), travels back in time to 1974 to investigate the murder of his mother. However, before he can cross over, he is attacked by another serial killer who shoots him dead. Returning to the present, the killer threatens to kill Mr. Nedrack's wife and young daughter unless the serial killer gives him a trophy; the serial killer then takes the message to be a challenge.

The "Serial Killer" is one of the best movie serie because it portrays a futuristic society and is both hilarious and horrifying at the same time. The film was very popular because of its violent scenes but also because of the killer himself, Russell Crowe. He was one of the best actors at that time and his portrayal of the serial killer was an instant hit with audiences.

Though this movie has been replaced by sequels like "The Bridge"The Final Destination", its impact remains. It was adapted to other serie like "Road to Perdition"Smokey and the Bandit" but its uniqueness and quality are still intact. This movie does not make use of plot twists or unexpected developments.

This movie serie begins with one of the most memorable images of all time. A serial killer and his henchmen are seen in a confrontation where they are shot dead with machine guns and bullets. It is a scene that reminds us of old stories like "Men in Black" where an investigator is attacked by murderous agents. Its message is that the hero has to fight for his life while the villains may just escape with their lives.

In the first few minutes of the movie, there is a wonderful introduction by the director about the setting of the movie series. It tells the viewer that this is a case of conspiracy against a police force which finds itself in the middle of an international conspiracy.

This is one of the best serie because it features of well-developed characters. The main character, the hero Dennis Nedrack, was different from others because he was not that well liked by everyone, especially his wife because of his brutal behavior.

The storyline is the second best in the series as Dennis Nedrack and his wife tries to track down the mystery which involves a serial killer. There are some sequences that were too graphic for most audiences, but these sequences are kept to a minimum as the images of blood and gore are depicted in a very tasteful manner.

One of the best serie as it revolves around crimes, murder and blood. It is similar to the British TV show "The Prisoner". I liked it because it depicts a story of a fugitive, where he is trapped in a space and he needs to escape.

Average: 7.6 / 10 (747 votes)
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Genres: Action , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 98min

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