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32 Malasana Street

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The sequel to the worldwide blockbuster Serica is now available online. Hollywood cinema has come to your computer. Which movie of Serica series has been released online?

The sequel to the first Serica, titled The First Serica Street: The Movie, is now available online. The movie was released on DVD and it is yet to be released online. Movie viewers in all corners of the world can have a glimpse of this entertaining serie and can get to know more about the characters. A special feature of the second movie is that many people may be disappointed if they do not know a little bit about Serica. It is recommended that those who do not know much about the Serica franchise also check out the movie.

The movie is a sequel to the first Serica Street: The Movie. It revolves around three identical twins. They live in a village called Mral, which is in another country of Asia. These identical twins are also used to being looked down upon by others. As they have not shown much improvement in their appearance and their performance, their mother sends them to London for further development.

In London, the twins get to know the East End and meet a middle-aged man named Blond. He has a beard that is actually a wig. The two girls form a relationship and get along well. Soon, they realize that they have been transported back in time to the late 19th century. Their identical twin, Elizabeth, is married to Frank Boothby.

The movie continues with the brother twins having a lot of adventures while staying in England. They take part in some interesting adventures that they could never have done had they stayed in their own country. The girls have several adventures in between their stay in London and the time when they were transported to the past.

The sequel to the Serica movie and the second installment of the Serica series features the same premise. The twins are transported to different time periods, so that the audience has to find the similarities and differences between the twins. They also have to do some exploration to find out more about the history of their countries. The two brothers have to also find a way to cross a time barrier, in order to save their mother from the hands of the villainous Blond.

The plot of the second movie of the Serica series was never revealed in the movie itself. But it was shown during the trailer. The website states that in the Serica Street: The Movie Blond had kidnapped her mother. So that the brother's time travel powers would allow them to rescue their mother from Blond's clutches.

The sequel to the Serica series is indeed a great watch. Not only the viewers get to enjoy the first part of the serie but also discover more about the serie and what makes the twin brothers react the way they do.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 104min

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