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12 Hour Shift

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The first thing you notice when you visit The Movie Database Online (TMD) site is the long list of available DVD and Blu-Ray releases of The 12 Hour Shift. Now streaming on: The movie starts at the beginning and goes back: A cigarette breaks the chain between our two protagonists: An African-American cop and an African-American junkie in search of a new life.

This is a new series by the talented and controversial director, Patrick Hughes. This one of a kind Serie will be available for rental. This article will discuss the plot of The 12 Hour Shift as well as why it's worth the rent price for the Blu-Ray version of this movie.

It's pretty obvious that Hughes has a vision when he makes movies; most of his films have a strong black-and-white feel to them, and the look of The 12 Hour Shift fits in with this style. In fact, a lot of Hughes's black-and-white work, such as The Whole Ten Yards, seems like a precursor to this movie: both have characters who are searching for a new way to make money.

One of the most interesting things about Hughes's character, Nick, is how much of an outsider he is. He is a black man, living in a very small rural, white town in Mississippi. While his mother supports her family financially, Nick often has to scrape together enough money to keep the family afloat. Eventually he learns that he can make extra money by working as a hit man for drug dealers.

He also learns that by doing this, he can find his true love, an older woman named Joanna. Joanna is more interested in making money than she is in love, so it is not long before she begins to follow Nick out of her home. And Nick's true love is not only someone with money; she is also an illegal immigrant.

As the film goes along, there is a conflict that develops between Joanna and Nick. However, it's clear that Nick has the upper hand at all times. He uses violence against her to get what he wants and intimidates her into doing things that he knows she won't do. to him. The conflicts are often handled in a way that makes it seem as if the people Nick's trying to save face are actually more evil than Nick.

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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 88min

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