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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

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Wonder Woman Bloodlines

Warner Bros presents the animated film number fourteen of the DC Comics universe; this time the turn is for the super heroine Wonder Woman; this film released directly in Blu-Ray DVD home format, was directed by Sam Liu and Justin Copeland and produced by the trio Jim Krieg, Amy McKenna and Sam Registrer.

In addition to the home format, the tape was presented on five different digital platforms, in HD, Ultra HD 4K, 3D and SD formats; it is available since October 5, two thousand nineteen.

The vocal cast of the film is composed of Rosario Dawson playing Diana Prince (Wonder Woman); Marie Avgeropoulos as Vanessa Kapetelis (Silver Swan); Jeffrey Donovan as Steve Trevor; Adrienne C. Moore as Etta Candy; Curtenay Taylor as Dr. Veneno; Kimberly Books as Cheetah Giganta; Nia Vardalos as Julia Kapatelis; Constance Zimmer as Veronica Cale; Michael Dorn as Fernando El Minotauro; Create Summer as Hippolyta Medusa; Ray Chase as main Bandit and Mozhan Marno as Dr. Cyber.

Diana, princess of the Amazons and Paradise Island, rescues the captain and pilot of the North American air force Steven Trevor, who flees the attack of the extraterrestrial group called Apokolips; Captain Trevor is badly injured, and Diana takes him to one of the recovery rooms where he will be healed with the purple healing ray.

In the ears of the strict Queen Hippolyta comes the news, that her daughter Diana houses a man inside the island and the palace of Amazons; He immediately sends him to capture and requests Diana's presence before her.

Captain Steven Trevor warns Queen Hipolita that the Parademons will soon attack the planet and no one will be safe; Princess Diana has a vision and foreshadows that the earth will be destroyed by another world, immediately seeks to free Trevor, but the Queen does not allow it, Diana reveals herself against her mother and tells her that the world is in danger and her duty is to protect to the weak and innocent, not being locked up for life on a ghost island.

The Queen disconsolate and full of pain banishes her only daughter; Diana goes to the world of man; arrives on American soil, Washington D.C. where she knows who her best friend will be; she takes Steven and Diana with Dr. Kapatelis, and in turn they meet Vanessa, the doctor's daughter, who suffers a jealous attack because of the Princess, since her parents pay more attention to Diana than her own daughter.

Five years have elapsed since Princess Diana left Paradise Island, during that time she protected the world of man from demonic attacks under the figure of Wonder Woman.

Diana meets Dr. Julia, her best friend Etta and Steven Trevor in the courtroom, a new building that will serve as the headquarters of the JL; Julia asks Diana for help, as her daughter Vanessa stole a dangerous artifact from Doctor Venom and intends to hand it over to Veronica Cale.

Diana intercepts the negotiation and tries to prevent it, but the soldiers of Doctor Venom do not allow it; but he will also have to fight against a resentful and vindictive Giganta, who was already defeated by Wonder Woman, but says that this time it will be different since he was supplied with a chemical serum that modifies his DNA and provides him with natural abilities.

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Genres: Action , Animation , Fantasy

Duration: 83min

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