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The Vivarium is a spin off of the Vivarium Parasite Movie, produced by Ian Gillespie. The Vivarium Movie was a five-part series, which was hosted by Nevil Shute, also known as the Father of Sci-Fi.

The first episode was shot in standard video format using short scenes to illustrate what the movie was all about. The second part was shot in color and featured more CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology that added an element of reality to the story. The movie was released on DVD as well as a VHS cassette tape.

The third episode was produced in a normal movie format but with more graphical effects and special effects. The movie then played out into a third part, which showcased the animation of an underwater worm. The fourth episode was a three-minute documentary, which detailed the work of a zoologist. This segment was followed by a special 'exposé' of the commodification of our seas, or how this episode compared to other environmental documentaries.

The final episode was dedicated to Mary Shelley, who is depicted as the narrator of the movie. In this segment, we saw the changing of the tides and the death of Shelley's father. As a result of this, Shelley becomes withdrawn and starts experiencing hallucinations.

The second episode of the movie was directed by Gilles Grandjean, who had previously directed a documentary on marine life in French called "Vivarium". It was the only episode of the Vivarium to be produced entirely in France.

However, the most important feature of the movie was the use of motion capture, which was extremely effective as it brought a live element to the proceedings. In fact, it has been commented on online that the documentary could be described as a science fiction film without a single frame showing any computer generated imagery.

The special effects used to film the documentary was also very impressive and involved the use of real human cadavers. One segment was so realistic that viewers could actually see the skin movement of the cadaver. And, one of the highlights of the movie was when actress Melissa Gilbert took part in the actual filming of the vivarium with actor Raymond Ochoa in the supporting role.

The main reason for its success was that the movie's theme was applicable to today's environment - environmentalism. More people are becoming concerned about the negative effects of global warming on the planet and people who care about the environment have been fighting for years for more humane ways of conserving our natural resources.

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