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Toy Story 4

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At this point, the doubt with each new Pixar movie is not if it will reach the level of technical excellence, originality and ingenuity that is presupposed to the house, but how it will manage to achieve it once again. It is true that in the last decade the films of the studio have softened their edges, have reduced the level of surprise, have relied excessively on the sequels and have sometimes been betrayed by their obsession with being ingenious at all costs, and by self-imposition of moving in that complicated area of ​​movies that captivates not only children but adults as well.

But the truth is that as much as those codes and those intentions sometimes are not put to the edges, the general quality of Pixar's proposals are relatively infallible. Okay, the humor of 'Wreck It Ralph' made one imagine Pixar scriptwriters as Mr. Burns Colegui's meme, but good staging ideas, screenplay and that damn thrill thrilled with skin well it is given to Pixar.

'Toy Story 4' also started with a few handicaps out: sequel (promises the study that the last one in a long time) of a saga that had already been terminated, aesthetic characters and possibility of recycled ideas. And yes, all that is here, partially at least, but Pixar returns to work its magic with those scripts of forged steel, those charismatic wear-proof characters and those secondaries capable of stealing the function without apparent effort, although in reality there is behind an exquisite work of characterization, design and polished dialogues.

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Perhaps the biggest challenge before 'Toy Story 4' was to continue a story that already felt closed due to the twilight tone of the third installment, where subjects were treated with a dark point, such as the end of the life cycle of the dolls and the same closeness of death, with that terrifying conclusion in the garbage incinerator. At that point: how to prolong the adventures of Woody, Buzz and company without repeating themes of the first deliveries (the rivalry of the protagonists for the love of their owners, lost toys, different types of children / owners).

On this occasion, Woody accompanies his new owner, Bonnie, on her first visit to the nursery. There, she makes a new toy, Forky, with objects found in the garbage. On a family trip he goes astray, and Woody decides to retrieve it because he knows it is the most important toy for its owner. In this way, he will meet old friends who he believed were lost and with new toys that want to have something that Woody has always taken for granted: a child to protect and depend on.

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These are topics that have already been discussed in the series: 'Toy Story 3' talked about the change that toys experience when their habitual owner disappears (there Andy, the boy who had had Woody and Buzz forever, grows and goes to the university), and it was a film about change and the need to overcome loss. 'Toy Story 4' manages to redo the issue without being repetitive by raising a community of feral toys, which do not belong to anyone (not even in the communal but very regulated world of the nursery of the third installment), and that here are led by an amazing Bo Peep, the shepherd who has been diffusing Woody's romantic interest since the first installment and experiencing one of the most radical evolutions of the series, along with that of Woody and Buzz in the first installment.

All these elements set up a film that does not aspire to reach the iconic level of the first installment, among other things because its historical condition is already unattainable. However, and despite navigating against a few conditions against it, the result is more than estimated. It has been said that it is the funniest delivery from the first, and of course it is in terms of characterization of its characters, and thanks to neglecting the bitter edges of other deliveries, especially the third part.

It's funny how 'Toy Story 4' has gone from being a franchise that reinforced traditional values ​​such as friendship or family to become a somewhat freer saga, with Pixar already owned by a company like Disney, very little suspected of being progressive - where there are less conventional schemes and characters who doubt even their own nature. Maybe 'Toy Story 4' can not aspire to the mythical character of the first deliveries, but as a delivery that flies without an engine, it certainly reaches and far exceeds the prejudices with which you can reach the room.

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