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The Secret Life of Pets 2

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The Secret Life of Pets 2

Universal Estudio e Illumination Entertainment brings back the adventures of the funniest pets on the big screen, written by Brian Lynch, directed by Chris Renaud and produced by Chris Meledandri arrives The Secret Life of your Pets 2, the animated film will be released for the The United States of America on June 7, two thousand nineteen and will last eighty-seven minutes.

Max, Duke and their friends return to entertain us, this time with new characters and a larger family.

Sweet Katie has decided to form her family, she married a guy named Chuck, with whom she was fortunate to bring a little boy named Liam into the world, but they will not be the only ones to debut, we will also see the new pet superhero on Masked Snowball, a tiger cub named HU and a quadruped named Daisy.

A day like any other Chuck surprises his family by telling them to embark on a trip to his family's farm; Katie, Liam, Max, Duke and of course Chuck embark on the long car journey, when our furry friends arrive they realize how different life is in the countryside, the outdoors and the great spaces to play are the great attractions.

A large Belgian Shepherd appears before them, he is the alpha male of the farm and the one who maintains order among the animals, his name is Gallo; He informs Max that living in the country is not as easy as he thinks, but that he will get used to it over time and if he wishes he can give him a couple of lessons.

Meanwhile in the big city, the bulky and hairy Gidget, plays tirelessly with Zumbi, the ball that his crush Max left to remember, suddenly distracted and the ball falls directly into the void, where a gang of stray cats lives who seize the ball, Gidget comes to the rescue, but the feline leader of the band does not cooperate and stays with Zumbi.

In another department of the building is Daisy, who visits the Pompom rabbit house along with Chloe; who tell him the unfortunate life that leads the white tiger cub called HU, which is in captivity by the owner of the circus and is constantly mistreated for not knowing how to do the tricks that are sent, Daisy sighs and exclaims that he would like to meet the hero of who speaks so much, the protector of pets, Snowball ... but what he ignores is that he is in front of him.

Back at the farm, an accident occurs with the sheep, the herd escapes from the corral, and immediately Gallo goes into action and asks Max to help him, the Belgian Shepherd manages to control the situation and return to the woolly sheep at farmyard, but one that goes to the forest is missing, Max takes a deep breath, takes courage and runs after her with Gallo, Max performs very well in the search for the rebel sheep, gets it and manages to take it back to the farm, Gallo He congratulates him and lets him spend the night with him, when he tells him that he has wood to take care of the farm.

Snowball makes his great entrance in front of Daisy, as they can go out to the street and go to the circus fair where they intend to rescue the little white tiger, when they arrive they notice the iron surveillance of the owner's fierce black wolves; As they can infiltrate the tent where the HU cage is, one of the wolves sniffs a strange presence.

Daisy and the little masked hero manage to free the little cat, and his silent escape the brave canine loses its flower hook, which Sergai and his wolves use to track and recover HU.

Max, Duke and his family return home, and our furry friends find everything that happened, at that time the whole gang will gather to solve all this fun mess they have gotten into.

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Duration: 86min

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