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The Platform

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The movies have got many differences from the old time movies and the newest technology now is used in the series called 'The Platform'. This movie is definitely a good movie. It has an awesome sound, action and plenty of fight scenes. The character also deserves the best of the movie and this movie certainly has a lot of character.

Strong fight scenes are what most viewers look for in a movie. Movies like Rocky, the series 'The King of Kong', and more that I can mention are some of the old time classic movies. You could say that it's the strength of the characters that really make these movies great. They have to be strong enough to survive the situations and bad situations that they are faced with.

The special effects are great for any kind of movie. The characters are well drawn, and the backgrounds are also great. The acting is also great and the songs are also good. There is even a tribute to the band N.E.R.D. from the movie that will surely make you jump.

In this movie, there is a war going on, but it's not a real war, but it is a warfare between two Englishmen and the king of Britain, the rightful king is having a civil war with his son the crown prince of England, a famous prince and leader in the kingdom, who is basically fighting against the throne, which is from the king of England. But it's not only the war between the two, there is a war between the people and the bosses. In fact, the people that were loyal to the king, are given jobs as enemies of the king.

And that is where the story of the Platform begins. A certain character who is a younger brother to the crown prince, the crown prince is sent to protect his younger brother and it's his responsibility to find the person responsible for the death of his brother. When he does find the person, he will kill him, but this person is the king's killer, so, he also goes against the royal family. That's how The Platform begins.

There are a lot of important characters in this movie. Let's have a look at some of them. The king's helper who is very much like the servant of the king. Then there is the manager who is the head of the crew of the King's ship, he also founds the boy and the castle, one of the bosses who is the king's loyal servant, and also founds the underground castle of the boys, and also serves as the guide to the boys who go against the king.

One musical number that is played is 'I'm not singing'. And also there is another song that has a part of the system in it, and this song has one of the leaders of the knights of the king, who also has a lot of reasons to do the job. This knight was a friend of the boy in the first movie, so, he too is there for the most crucial moments.

This movie is great, it is packed with content and this kind of story which many movie fans want to watch. The characters are all intriguing and all have their own set of problems that need to be resolved. The characters like the bodyguard, the leader, the guy who is supposed to kill the king, the body guard, the player of the orchestra, the narrator, the sheriff, and the prince who were not part of the battle are all present in this movie.

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Duration: 95min

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