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Iron Mask

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There was an accident and there is a Movie entitled Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask. This film is part of a series of Chinese Movies and other Western Movies, which are of Chinese Production. I would like to share my experience in this movie.

The Movie started with some Chinese moto which told the story of a train going through the desert. We saw some weird trains going through the desert. The interesting part is that a thief hid himself and kidnapped a Chinese Man and brought him on a train which was transporting electricity.

The Thief then took the Man to a mysterious way and he stayed there for some time. Then he was offered some power, but he refused and went to the place of accident where the train was running.

We also saw some strange disease when the Thief was in an unconscious state. The person who was not able to awaken in time made some sort of bacteria to infect some people and a particular family. After some time the person came out of the coma.

At this point the family was taken away by ambulance and they left their son for a certain heart disease. We saw the doctor in the hospital and asked him about the boy who was left behind and he said that he had been put under observation. But as soon as the Sickness went away, the man found the kid and carried him out of the hospital.

The movie then ended and the boy came back to his village and said that he heard that his father had died. The guy then went to his father's house and found a body lying in the bed. It was his mother who had died the last time and she was on the back of a horse with a bag full of money.

The guy found a book which he did not understand and it was covered with the word of translation which said that the body which had been buried is the one of a pioneer who was buried in the first place. The guy went to the place and decided to find a few books which were similar to the one that his father used to read and found a few and his mother told him that her dead husband was buried in this place and if he wanted to get some history of the place, he had to go back to that place.

The Movie itself was well done and did not have any obnoxious dialogues which is usual in Series. It had some spooks in the plot but as soon as the story started, the movie had to finish.

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Genres: Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 121min

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