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The Lodge

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In a family ski vacation to a secluded ski lodge over the holidays, dad is suddenly forced to leave for work, taking his two young children with him. Alone and isolated, an approaching blizzard takes them all the way down to the ski lodge, trapping them within its walls as ominous omens summon spectral spirits from Grace's past. The kids are stuck in a terrifying snowstorm until dad returns with the help of a snowman called Snowman, who helps them survive. Only when dad gets a call from his daughter's cell phone do they realize that they are stranded far away from their own home.

When Snowman shows up at the lodge, he immediately notices dad's presence. Once the kids tell him about their predicament, Snowman decides to help them. He begins by opening a big hole in the center of the lodge and revealing a giant hole in front of the snowman. Inside, dad has left behind his daughter, but Snowman has kept his promise and brought her back with him. He also tells them the location of their house, and he and the kids make plans to get there.

When Snowman gets back, he opens the door to the lodge only to find that a snowstorm has engulfed the area. They don't have enough time to fix the lodge before the blizzard ends, so Snowman decides to go outside and wait for dad in the snow. While Snowman waits, he starts acting very strangely, especially after he spots the kids. One day, while he is waiting for dad, a boy named Bob comes over to the lodge and asks if Snowman knows what's going on.

Snowman agrees to take Bob out on his sled in exchange for helping him climb the tree and find dad's car. The two boys quickly become friends, and Snowman becomes determined to help Bob find his way home. Snowman decides to keep Bob company as he travels through the woods, and it's only when Bob falls into the lake does Snowman come face-to-face with some very familiar faces. He realizes that Bob is not the child from his dreams. He realizes that Bob is actually Bob, and that he is now the son of a very famous magician. and wealthy magician.

When Bob finally returns home, Snowman tries to convince him that he is his real son, but Bob is not interested. Bob's mom, who was expecting to get a very handsome prince or princess, is disappointed with her son's decision. Snowman decides to take Bob to the local bar to celebrate his birthday. when Bob's father arrives, Snowman tries to convince him that he can be the next Prince Charming. The two brothers run away, and Bob's mother runs after them to find Bob's real father.

When the brothers return home, Snowman tells them that they need to go out for dinner at the lodge where he and Bob's real parents live, but Snowman has already called a bus for the trip. In order to help Snowman, Bob's father asks Bob's help to find his real father. Snowman refuses and runs off to do what he is supposed to do - find the father of Bob.

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Genres: Drama , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 108min

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