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The Lion King

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In the first scene of Disney's new remake of the classic The Lion King, the first scene introduces us to the protagonist, Simba. This birth affects the entire kingdom, when Rafiki shows it, the clouds move away, thus implying that the gods consecrate him as the future king. Something very common of the monarchies is the communication between gods and kings, giving great value to the clergy. In this case it is symbolized by Rafiki, who immortalizes the kings with drawings, baptizes and guides spiritually.

Along with the birth a song “the cycle of life” appears and there is nothing more to see the first and last scene of the movie to see that this is the main theme. Both scenes are a birth. The film itself defends the "status quo", where the changes are not well seen. It is a fairly traditional idea, where you constantly try to keep everything as usual. We are presented with this idea as part of natural life.

Once presented to the protagonist and his environment, the rock where he lives, his parents, Rafiki, and the rest of the animals of the savanna as subjects, appears the antagonist, Scar. His presentation is accompanied by a dialogue while playing with the mouse that is going to eat, where he tells us that life is not fair. While threatening the mouse to be devoured and not going to see a next sunrise, he makes a comparison with his misfortune of not becoming king. Here we see his ambition for power. At this moment appears Zazu, Mufasa's assistant, to announce the arrival of the king, who is angry that Scar did not go to Simba's presentation. Scar tries to devour Zazu, but Mufasa arrives just in time, he is the king, the hero, he must be at the disposal and salvation of his subjects. At this moment they tell us the relationship and comparative description of Mufasa and Scar.

The next day, Simba will wake up his father to teach him the kingdom. From the top of the tower shows the kingdom, and resembling the typical phrase "everything your eyes see will one day be yours", Mufasa uses the light, symbol of good throughout the film, "all that bathe the light is your kingdom ”. It also makes Simba and all the spectators an announcement, and when he is not there, Simba will have to govern, for this he uses another metaphor with the sun, “the sun will set in my kingdom and will come out in yours”, with This metaphor Mufasa means that when he dies, Simba's reign will begin, he not only uses the light, but the cycle of life, the sun that rises every day, at some point he will rise over the kingdom of Simba. Throughout the road he repeats the idea of ​​the cycle of life, explaining it from nature. They hunt antelopes, which then nourish the grass, to become food for the antelopes.

Zazu tells Simba that he cannot be king until his hair grows, this mane refers to Simba's maturity and masculinity. It is the same as telling him that he cannot rule without a beard, the connotations of the mane are the same as those of the male beard. Since only males have this mane / beard only they can rule. During the song they refer to another masculine quality, the voice. Simba says the voice will change and be strong, just like it changes a teenager. After telling us the qualities that a king must have, Simba begins to say that as king he will do what he wants. Instead, Zazu will tell him that to do what he wants is not to be king, that would be a dictatorship. To govern is to worry about others. While the song gives us all this content, which any child could get tired and bored, they wrap it with music and entertaining colors, making learning easier. At the end of the song and the choreography of all the animals, they managed to escape from Zazu and go to the cemetery of elephants.

To make it quick and not extend the article about a movie we all know, because there are minimun to no changes in the plot of The Lion King, compared to the original one, this movie delivers everything its beautiful classic does, but in a more impressive, visual presentation.

The movie ends just like it started. Even the songs are very similar, the first is "The Cycle of Life", and the last is "The Endless Cycle".

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Genres: Adventure , Animation , Family

Duration: 118min

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