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The Lighthouse

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Because of the current popularity of The Lighthouse, a large number of people who would have otherwise not seen it are now looking forward to see this film. Before you go and watch this film, there are a few things that you need to know about it.

The Lighthouse is set during the 18th century in a town on the coast of England. For the most part, the story is quite familiar to many people, but it is almost completely unknown that this is about the search for a ship which lost its anchor at sea.

The search for the ship is centered around a lighthouse located in a small town called the Lighthouse. In fact, it was designed by Thomas More and it was seen by many as a sign from God to sailors. And so, the Lighthouse is what attracted many sailors to the town in the first place.

The Lighthouse series is based on the novels of Robert Louis Stevenson. In it, the young and beautiful heroine and her father seek to find a ship which has sunken to the bottom of the ocean.

There is also a very interesting connection between the Lighthouse and another famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson named Treasure Island. The story of this book is based on the same search for a ship which fell ill at sea.

The Lighthouse series is a humorous novel and at times, a bit frightening as well. You don't want to miss a scene like when the heroine decides to get dressed in an orange dress and get ready to board a ship to go looking for the lost ship.

Other than the obvious connection between the book series and The Lighthouse, you will also notice that some elements of the plot of the Lighthouse and the novel Treasure Island look similar. Some famous people who appeared in these books and the movie also make cameo appearances.

Although The Lighthouse and Treasure Island are quite different from each other, there are some similarities between them. Even if you are not a fan of the series, you can surely enjoy this movie because it is so different from the book.

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Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery

Duration: 109min

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