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The Gentlemen

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The Gentlemen is a new about the life of two police officers who have to save a bunch of men who were in jail because of their own bad behavior. This movie has gained a lot of attention because of its realistic portrayal of police work and some hilarious scenes from the inside of the jail. These facts are the reasons why The Gentlemen will be an excellent start for any newly-hired detective or policeman. In this article I will be discussing how the series manages to stay relevant in a time when reality shows are taking over all the other things and we don't want our movie reviews to appear stale.

The series stars very popular and renowned actors like Toni Collette, Vincent D'Onofrio, Joaquin Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Anthony Edwards, Vincent Kartheiser, Lance Henriksen, Berenice Bejo, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Pam Dawber, James Marsden, Hedda Gabler, and many more. The main characters of the film are Detective Nicky Tran and Lieutenant Joe Pesci. They work for the New York City Police Department and they both had bad experiences in their previous jobs.

After the climax of the movie, the film takes us back to the beginning of the film where they first meet and where they get their assignment as detectives. The end of the film shows them chasing a criminal that was hiding in the office of the NYPD. Their actions and struggle will leave an impact on our readers.

The series covers a lot of important issues including police work, injustice and justice, women, and homosexuality among others. The cinematography is superb and the actors portray their roles very well. The story is highly-researched and you can actually connect with the characters.

The Gentlemen is currently running in the United States on HBO. So you can watch it on this channel too if you do not have HBO. The series has been rated the best movie in the history of movies.

The Gentlemen uses original screenplay which is unique and is set in the New York City but contains some flashbacks to the Old West. The stories told in the movie are great, and you can relate to them since they were totally different from your everyday life. Some of the best scenes in the film include the confrontation between Nicky and one of the jail's inmates. You will also enjoy the fight scene at the end of the film and the suspenseful ending.

The Gentlemen got a perfect score from Entertainment Weekly for their amazing quality and worthiness. Many critics agree that the movie is a high-quality piece of cinema and will be an outstanding movie in the near future. The Gentleman Series is surely going to help the police officers of this century. Be sure to watch it now!

So if you love dramas, cop movies, and TV series, then you must watch The Gentlemen by HBO. It will definitely satisfy your craving for a great movie series. Do not miss out!

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Genres: Action , Comedy , Crime

Duration: 113min

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