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The First King

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Based on the true story, The First King is an award-winning movie that depicts the historical transition of the British people from the days of their rule to the arrival of their greatest king. The movie traces the path of three unlikely kings who are reunited but must fight for the same throne. Romulus and Remus, two young shepherds and devoted brothers, take an unexpected journey that will ultimately lead them to become the first king of the world. But the destiny of this chosen one will also lead him to a deep betrayal.

The First King, unlike other kings before him, had no beginning and no end. He began life as one of the two children of King Phraortes, the first king of the Achaemenid dynasty. Because of his birth place, the infant king was known as Xerxes, or "the child who bear the light." But instead of being ruled over by an experienced and wise warrior queen, Xerxes was ruled over by his own temperamental stubbornness.

Despite the fact that the infant king was not destined to rule, he did influence the future of his country. His boldness and ability to face adversity served to strengthen the country's unity. His example was then followed by his two brothers, Orestes and Electra, who became the most powerful kings in the Greek tradition. Though the First King had noolytic blood in his veins, he nevertheless managed to transform the kingdom into a great king-one who united the people for the benefit of all.

The historical events that led to the birth of the most powerful Greek monarch, Alexander the Great, and the establishment of the Greek empire can be traced back to the time when two kings, Agamemnon and Onesimus, fought over the Cyprus. Agamemnon had the upper hand and established himself as the sole ruler of the island after a fierce war. He crossed the straits with an army and crossed the land with ease, taking control of the entire island. Alexander then went on to conquer the rest of the Aegean lands, including the Ionian territory which included the famous site of the modern city of Athens.

The most prominent feature of Alexander the Great's Alexander the Great and the Persian War is that the Macedonian king chose to surrender rather than fight in a battle. This resulted in the creation of his epitaph, which reads: "Athenus has delivered his kingdom to the Greeks, but thou hast driven me out, my friend, into my country, into the temple of Aesculapius." This was a message that the ancients believed strongly, that a man can only be a great king if he battles and defeats his enemies.

The First King also minted the first coins in the world. The obverse side of these issues was dedicated to the Greek goddess Diana, on whom the city of Heracles was built. On the reverse side, a depiction of the winged Nike, daughter of Zeus and Themis is used. The First King's coinage also featured an image of the steed Pegasus, a characteristic trait of Greek gods. The Second King, Agamemnon, reigned for thirty-two years and was succeeded by his son, Antigone, who was equally fierce and temperate as her father.

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Genres: Action , Drama , History

Duration: 123min

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