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The Farewell

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In The Farewell, Austin Powers and the World are... (Part 2), the first time that Dr. Evil faces his arch nemesis, James Bond, he plays the part of a loser. Not only does he lose, but he is looked down upon for losing. And so, his self-esteem goes down the drain.

He was the bad guy in the first film, and in this movie, he seems to turn into the good guy, and then he gets his comeuppance, and his ego goes down the drain. He came to this realization by defeating the only person who ever had the strength to stand up to him, Dr. Evil. Because James Bond was so easily defeated by the Evil Master of Disguises, the public perceived Dr. Evil as a failure and made him a parody of a villain.

This makes James Bond look even more pathetic, because he is always on the losing end of a fight. We could all be the victim of the bad guy's ego if we could just figure out how to beat him in a fight. But if we accept the fact that no one can beat Dr. Evil, then we have to admit that Dr. Evil is the one true villain of the first movie.

So, James Bond in this film falls victim to the evil tactics that Dr. Evil was playing with throughout the series. The first thing he does when he confronts Dr. Evil is to get really drunk and get revenge on him for humiliating him in front of a bunch of women. Of course, Dr. Evil's ego doesn't like that at all. He sends him back to where he belongs, where he belongs is definitely behind bars.

Since he is back there, he attacks the wives of both Dr. Evil and the British Prime Minister, and that turns out to be an epic fail for the James Bond character, and it makes him look stupid. For whatever reason, it seemed to hit a nerve with audiences. The public hated James Bond and he became the bumbling idiot, and the entire series was a massive flop.

So James Bond now has to go back to base to retrieve information about the evil scientist who replaced him. And he finds Dr. Evil's secret laboratory, and there he finds that he has been replaced by an evil clone of himself, that was meant to be the evil counterpart to Bond. Now Bond has to go on another desperate mission to get the real Dr. Evil and stop the evil Dr. Evil from turning into a monster.

In this film, James Bond ends up going back to Dr. Evil's hideout, and he discovers that Dr. Evil has been replaced by a fake, fake Dr. Evil. This leads to a classic showdown between Dr. Evil and Bond, and even though Dr. Evil seems to be out of commission, the movie ends with a coda with him finally killing himself. This is a classic case of the protagonist/antagonist relationship.

{T The Farewell, Austin Powers and the World are... So, it seems as if a villain who wants to come off as the winner is something that has never gone out of style. Instead, Dr. Evil played against his character, to his advantage, which tells us he is not a bad guy.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama

Duration: 100min

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