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The Divine Fury

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On July 31, 2019, the growing South Korean film industry opens its new commitment to action, terror and science fiction. A story created and directed by Joo Hwan Kim who takes a risk with an extravagant mix of arguments such as religion and mixed martial arts; the result was a film with a lot of action and a dark approach, in the best style of the Holinewoodense Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves.

The gutter tape with a high degree of approval and acceptance by the public, and considering that it is not a multi-million dollar Hollywood super production, but rather a bet in a thriving industry, is an excellent option to see a different proposal to everything current.

The film features the performances of Park Seo Joon, a young South Korean television actor who will play the leading role of Yong hoo; Woo Do Hwan, another young South Korean talent, actor and TV host, will play the villain Ji Shim; veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki, who has sixty successful years of career will play Father Ahn; and finally, the foreigner from Canada Choi Woo Shik will be the young Father Choi.

The film tells the story of the mixed martial arts champion Yong hoo, who has traveled an uphill road full of obstacles and pain; being very young he had to face the death of his parents, being orphaned and alone, which is why he developed a deep feeling of rejection and resentment towards the supreme and all-powerful being, the young Yong hoo grew up with the recurring question of why I touch him he lives that tragedy.

All those feelings of resentment and rejection towards the powerful all inspired him to start a successful career as an athlete, he began to practice martial arts, after having experimented with various styles, he finally took the best of each of them and adopted the style Mixed Martial Arts; he started competing from amateur to becoming world champion of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in his category.

Many doors around the world opened for South Korean champion Yong hoo; he was a respected athlete, inside and outside his country; however, although many years had passed since that tragedy where he lost his parents, that question still haunts him.

Yong hoo competes in an international MMA tournament in the United States of America; as usual, he retires victoriously towards the dressing room, but he notices a lot of blood in the bandage of his hands when he discovers them he observes a couple of wounds in each of them. Upon arriving in your country immediately go to your hospital to perform the corresponding studies to determine the status of the injury.

The doctors do not understand the results of the exams, no internal injuries are evidenced in their hands, but the wounds are present; Yong hoo receives advice from a hospital worker, suggests that he seeks help with a religious, at that time he meets the young Father Choi, who, seeing the hands of the MMA world champion, contacts Father Ahn.

Father Ahn is a religious eminence and expert in apparitions and exorcisms; the experienced priest explains to Yong hoo that the wounds on his hands are called Stigmas, and that they represent the wounds of Jesus when he was crucified. The all-powerful has chosen him for some reason, so Father Ahn proposes to educate him and teach him religion.

At the same time, a dark, diabolical and demonic villain, called Ji Shim gains ground on the religious level, is capable of obscuring souls and bringing up the worst feelings and actions of the human being, sowing his demons everywhere; Father Ahn finds out about the actions of the evil Ji Shim, now he understands that the mission of the strong Yong hoo is to fight it and restore peace.

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Genres: Action , Horror

Duration: 129min

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