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The Curse of La Llorona

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Release: 19 April 2019

The Conjuring was a film by James Wan, which unintentionally was the first part of a Cinematic Universe that would begin to expand exponentially. The problem is that of all the films that were released as spin offs or sequels of that film, we can only highlight the original delivery and its direct continuation also directed by Wan himself. Although the idea of ​​putting together an audiovisual world shared by several characters in the field of terror seems like a good idea, all the stories that were derived from that novel proposal fell into the vices and clichés of the genre, something that the stories of the director of origin Malay avoided vigorously.

Unlike those, this one has an interesting actress like Linda Cardinelli, which has been ignored many times by the industry without having the place she deserves, and also by the direction of Michael Chaves, which although it is his first project, proves to be a worthy successor of Wan by incorporating several of the elements / resources characteristic of his style (but with his own voice), generating truly terrifying moments and atmospheres. The main problem is the lack of originality of the story and its development in the script (as well as an abuse of the jumpscares).

The film focuses on the history of a spectrum of Mexican origin known as "La Llorona". Legend has it that the ghost corresponds to the soul of a woman trapped between Heaven and Hell, with a terrible fate sealed by her own hand upon discovering that her husband was unfaithful and killing both of her children in revenge. Realizing the terribleness of her actions, the woman began to lament deeply and then committed suicide. Now those who hear his call of death at night are doomed. She crawls in the shadows and attacks the children, desperate to replace his own. As the centuries have passed, his desire has become more voracious and his methods more terrifying. This brings us to the 70's, where Anna Tate-Garcia (Cardinelli) is a social worker and recent widow who investigates cases of domestic abuse. In the midst of what would seem to be a normal case, he ends up freeing the spirit of La Llorona, causing her to start chasing her own children. Faced with this adverse scenario, he will seek the help of Rafael (Raymond Cruz, from “Breaking Bad”), a former priest who became a shaman who will try to ward off the fearsome ghost.

While the direction is interesting, the staging and recreation of the '70s is impeccable, the performances are correct and the handling of the camera along with the photography of Michael Burgess ends up generating a suffocating atmosphere, the lack of originality of the story and its conventionalism makes it become repetitive and a boring formula.

Although we have certainly quite terrifying moments, the final result looks poor compared to "The Conjuring." Also, the union with the Cinematic Universe is a bit forced, since the only thing the films have in common is the character of Father Pérez (Tony Amendola), whom we could see in “Anabelle”, but here he has a much smaller participation. 

Within the universe of "The Conjuring" is the best done spin off although it is not much to say. With such a legend behind you could have expected more than a few jumpscares and Linda Cardinelli showing off in the middle of a conventional script.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 93min

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