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The Blackout

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The Blackout: Invasion Earth is a movie produced by IMAX Entertainment, the same company that produces War of the Worlds. This movie seems to be similar to the War of the Worlds movie, and, it's unfortunate that this series has been reproduced in this way. There is also a two-part movie that was shown on Spike TV on March 9th, 2020.

In The Blackout: Invasion Earth, humans were visiting Earth in the ship that crashed with the aliens. One of the problems in this series is that there are many places where a viewer can get confused. For example, in the second part of the series, New Mexico is described as being in Texas.

This might be because they used the wrong map, or it might be that the visitors didn't really know where they were going. In some cases, the locations they were visiting were very remote, and the viewers could barely see them. This could have been because the aliens were using the view from orbit technology to do this, but that is just a guess. It's hard to tell whether the aliens were intentionally misleading the people they were traveling with.

Another example of confusion in the series would be the site where the travelers visited Earth. It was described as being in Alaska, but the actual location was actually in New Mexico. Again, this could have been because the site wasn't actually in Alaska, but New Mexico. In any case, when they went to the site, it turned out to be in the same area that they saw a long time ago.

After they finished their trip, the travelers came across a deserted building that was apparently a news room, but they couldn't figure out what the purpose of it was. It was mentioned later in the series that it was all they had left in this part of the world. What'ssad about this, is that it seemed that, the place was being used for nothing more than something to look at. We will never know if the aliens had a news station, or if they only wanted to look at pictures of the earth.

Once they were done with the trip, the site where they stayed was described in the second part of the movie. It's still unclear what exactly happened there. Perhaps they stayed there until one of the travelers died, but how did that happen? We will never know, because that part of the story doesn't seem to come up again. We may never know why the site became so desolate, or why the remains of the traveler were burned.

The site in the second part of the movie is the final one. They were all fine, and they stayed there until the aliens arrived. They had a few survivors, but, what they learned about the aliens would be covered in the sequel to this series. Hopefully, that isn't too far off, because, it is one thing to have an idea in your head, but another to have it covered up.

The Blackout: Invasion Earth does have some similarities to War of the Worlds. The first two parts of the series include multiple scenes involving strange alien activity, and attacks on humans. It's not clear who the attackers are, and they are not named. The trailers don't offer a lot of details either, and those are the two areas that are shown in the trailer for The Blackout: Invasion Earth.

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