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The Angry Birds Movie 2

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We have grown tired of reading or telling ourselves that the seventh art has shown even a very poor ability to carry out interesting movies based on video games. There are some with interesting details and a few that you have the comfort of being relatively entertaining, but the usual thing is that the big question is how much we have wasted our time with proposals of none or very little interest.

Not a few of us have hopes that this could change in 2016 thanks to the arrival of films such as 'Warcraft: The Origin' or 'Assassin's Creed', but before that there will be a jump to the big screen of another title that swept away just a few years ago until levels rarely seen. Will ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ also get it? It may be too late for this, but it is also not a good entertainment as it was the video game.

For our part, it costs us nothing to recognize that we were one of the millions of people who got hooked on the Rovio saga, but we barely endured a few months before leaving it aside, while with other comparable franchises they're still fun to this date for a lot of people. That exhaustion meant that we had already lost enough interest by the time his film adaptation was announced.

However, it was quite evident that they were going to have to introduce a multitude of elements to make a film out of something like that, so telling the origins of hatred between birds and pigs seemed a logical decision. As you have already taken for granted, there is nothing surprising about it, since you are going to guess everything that is going to happen, so the details become very important, or so it should be.

The first thing that we would like to point out is that the 80 million dollars that Sony and Rovio have spent on making the film, they look over than one would expect, since it is true that animated cinema is reaching more and more amazing levels, but it does so with budgets that comfortably exceed 100 million dollars, and even reach close to 200 in other cases.

Yes, it is true that its colorful result is due more to its dynamism than to the great definition of each of its elements, but it is something that fits with the frantic touch that 'The Angry Birds Movie' has, for moments even flirting with a more physical style, with echoes of 'Looney Tunes', which would have come to it from fable if it explored thoroughly instead of raising it and then leaving it only for background details that oscillate between cash and, above all, what totally out of place.

The latter is something that also applies to what the film itself is, because at the outset it poses a scenario with some nice details that suggest that its viewing will at least leave you with the feeling of not wasting your time. The problem is that it does nothing to really conquer you so that you get carried away with “joy” and overlook all the freedoms that are taken with remarkable speed - both at the level of characters and story -, even coming back irritating and/or boring depending on the moment.

There something helps the combination between superficial and secondary personalities who pretend to be funny without getting it.

In short, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ is colorful and during its first minutes it has some nice occurrences, but it does not take long to become a bland and sparkless adventure that runs out quickly. Taking hold of its promotional slogan, this is no longer a game, it is worse.

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Duration: 96min

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