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The Addams Family

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Universal Pictures presents a new animated version of the craziest family of American television, under the direction of Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan and the production of Gail Berman, Alex Schwartz, and Alison O'Brien.

The film was released on October 11, 2019, and has maintained a good reception parameter, which shows a continuous increase; the creators informed that it is a saga and that they are already working on the second installment that is scheduled for 2021.

The young Gomez and the beautiful Morticia have married, with them is the entire Addams clan, who plan to celebrate for this dark and unfortunate union; but a horde of inflamed people force everyone present to flee the party and abandon the city.

Without a planned destination, the young couple and their pet thing, arrive in the city of New Jersey, where they happen to be a beautiful property which they fall in love with and will serve to create a horrible family; it is an abandoned building that functioned as a psychiatric hospital and asylum.

Without thinking twice they acquire the property, hidden they find one of the patients who never wanted to leave the hospital; the terrible couple hires him as a butler and nicknamed him long for his great stature.

Thirteen years have passed and the terrifying family lives unhappily in their dreadful house; the family has grown up, Gomez and Morticia have two children, the young teenager Wednesday and little Pugsley.

Pugsley prepares with his father and Uncle Lucas for the initiation ritual called Mazurka, which has been performed by all Addams men for hundreds of years. While Morticia battles with the young teenager Wednesday, who insists on knowing the cruel and ruthless outside world.

Margaux Needler, is a renowned journalist and television presenter who seeks to form a civic movement for morals and good customs, always leaning in her favor.

In his ears comes the rumor of a peculiar family that lives isolated on the hill where the old asylum worked; he immediately decides to visit them; but after meeting them and receiving a resounding refusal on their part to adopt the norms of the journalist's civic movement, she firmly intends to get rid of them and get them out of the city.

Wednesday finally gets to know a person outside the limits of his house; it is the young Parker, who is nothing more and nothing less than the rebel daughter of the exemplary citizen, the journalist Margaux Needler; after much insisting both get Morticia to let Wednesday attend high school.

Already in class, the young Addams realizes that Parker is being the victim of an abusive teenager named Bethany; Wednesday does not allow it anymore defends it facing her; from that moment she becomes very friendly with Parker. In a moment of confidence, they both tell their frustrations and realize that they are very similar, so they decide to change a little; Paker adopts the dark and gothic style of Wednesday and vice versa.

The radical change of appearance surprises everyone, and causes discomfort in their respective mothers, Morticia punishes Wednesday, but she ignores and flees the house to hide in the house of her friend Parker.

The problems are just beginning, both girls will discover terrible things about Margaux Needler that will put them in serious trouble, and their actions will unleash all the fury of the Addams clan.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 86min

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