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Terminator: Dark Fate

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The day has come when we can finally talk about the reboot of one of the franchises most followed by science fiction fans. In this review of Terminator: Dark Fate without spoilers we will try to condense what has made us feel the new Tim Miller movie (Deadpool) that, throughout the 128 minutes of footage of his film, does not allow the action decay practically at no time.

This is undoubtedly the great strength of the film: he knows how to collect the legacy of the two previous films by proposing a new plot but referring either with the images or with the soundtrack to iconic moments that we all love and that drive a very epic movie in which a new heroine emerges.

The Terminator starting point: Dark Fate is, in fact, the moment before the Judgment Day is unleashed. Thanks to unused materials for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we see Sarah Connor again in the psychiatric hospital announcing the apocalypse that Skynet will unleash on August 29, 2017. And from here the new movie stars.

He managed to rewrite the History of Humanity and that this catastrophe did not occur, although a new threat comes from that new future. This is the case of a new and more complex Android that comes from the future to end Dani Ramos, a young Mexican who will defend Grace. She, unlike her powerful opponent, a Rev-9 model capable of going through solids, changing shape and bilocating, is a human enhanced by cutting-edge technology that will become Dani's only hope. They will later be joined by a vindictive Sarah Connor and Carl, an unexpected last-minute ally.

If you have to point out the strengths of Terminator: Dark Fate, there are several and they are very powerful: Linda Hamilton's recovery for the role of Sarah Connor is an indisputable success, because she has also taken her training in a very serious way and really assumes her role in a very credible way. Seeing her with Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the most emblematic roles of his career is simply spectacular.

As we said, Tim Miller, from the direction, manages to play well with the complicity between them and does not give them respite: filming has been the most demanding on a physical level with the filming of underwater fights and sequences of action of overflowing imagination that lead us to a final show worthy of applause.

On the other hand, Terminator: Dark Fate plays with introducing some elements in a subtext that do not cease to have a political reading although they do not focus the attention of the main plot. It is a road movie in which there is unstoppable persecution, but incidentally, we witness the precarious conditions in which Mexican immigrant committees try to overcome the border with the United States and we also see a reality that is rare to appear in a movie of these characteristics.

Consubstantial to the saga thanks to the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 there is also a double message of female empowerment. On the one hand, as we said, because a new heroine emerges, but also because Sarah must overcome her own prejudices and value herself, beyond being the mother of John and therefore a kind of "carrier of the Messiah." The importance of the female characters in this film lies not in their ability to harbor life but in their own abilities and this is a kind of historical compensation that suits the film very well.

In a way, Sarah is shown as a twilight character, something that we are reminded of even from the promotional images and posters of the movie, which will easily bring you to Logan.

Terminator: Dark Fate has Spanish locations and surplus interpreters known as Alicia Borrachero, Tristán Ulloa or Enrique Arce, something that is probably curious for the audience, which will also recognize the Madrid corrals or the Tabernas de Almería desert.

However, despite all of the above, the script also has some inconsistencies that the characters themselves verbalize and that concern, above all, the timeline and the cause-effect logic. The viewer has no choice but to assume these narrative licenses and embark on an adventure that, otherwise, could be round.

The capabilities of the new android, the Rev-9, make it a scary character and give us some scare championship. Gabriel Luna takes the witness of Robert Patrick and emulates his machines and leisurely movements, but the shadow of the T-1000 is elongated and it is difficult to overcome the fear that made us feel there by 1991. The special effects are at the service of history and they work very well (often a quality leap in terms of motion captures with respect to the duel of the T-800 of the already out of the Terminator: Genesis canon).

To vindicate the figure of Mackenzie Davis: the interpreter, whom we saw recently in Blade Runner 2049 or Tully, plays a real role (again) and has one of the most emotional and interesting subplots of the film that, in fact, could cement new episodes in the future. Because what is clear is that Dark Fate is a reboot with an eye on the future.

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