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Tall Girl

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What was initially taken as a simple joke has finally ended up becoming one of Netflix's main pillars. Yes, those romantic comedies of archetypal teenagers and classic almost predictable (actually predictable in many occassions) plots generated a lot of conversations, but beyond that, Californians received large numbers of audiences, and positive values ​​attached to their brand. It is not surprising that this genre has already become habitual, and that the low level of seriousness that the manager allows things as seemingly impossible as "Tall Girl" to become a real product we can find in their WIDE library of original content.

It is already known that in the matter of school bullying everything serves as a reason to mortify the weakest: they can bother you for being either skinny, fat, black, for having a big nose, for being ugly, pretty, not straight and a long, long etcetera. In the case of the Netflix movie Tall Girl, the victim of harassment is a very, well, you can guess by its title; tall girl (not tall at a level that we could call gigantism, or any other real medical diagnosis, she's just taller than the average, and we know that this is enough for bullies to start messing with anyone) who is teased by jokes and insults for that simple fact, she feels like she will never be able to have a normal life or wear normal clothing, like her popular classmates.

The film reminds us that school can sometimes get to be a really cruel place for some, although it may seem to many that the tape exaggerates Jodi's problems, since she's a white, pretty and tall girl that could even use this as an advantage to practice modeling or even join the school's basketball team, where she wouldn't feel alienated at all, moreover, she's got loving parents a good economic situation, so you might think that this tall thing isn't really tthe biggest deal in the movie, and it should not happen to be so dramatic.

But it happens, especially today, in environments full of falsehood that feed on appearances, what you have (and not what you are), and the judgments, social media likes, followers, there's a false and toxic image of perfection the society tries desperately to sell us, and the youger ones are particularly likely to fall into these ridiculous standards that they are never going to reach.

Tall Girl offers a story that is entertaining enough to give its 100 minutes a chance, you won't be terribly bored or wanting to be elsewhere, which is a good start. The characters are not as stereotyped as they are on other occasions and the protagonists have a special charm that moves and makes them credible, despite the fact that the story is archi repeated.

Jodi (Ava Michelle) is a pretty, nice and intelligent girl, but she is 1.85 meters tall, which makes her the target of the usual annoying jokes. All of this makes her insecure and, therefore, does not dare to date anyone who is shorter than her. That, despite the fact that her best and short friend is in love with her (an interesting Griffin Gluck).

The protagonist, on the other hand, observes that a boy who is tall and handsome (Luke Eisner), but apart from that, little else has to offer her, worried about being popular and falsely charming the rest for being a newcomer from abroad.

A simple film, directed by Nzingha Stewart, which manages to move on, also filmed in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States (New Orleans). In any case, this will not be the great premiere of Netflix for this year, nor is it intended to be.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance

Duration: 101min

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