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Steven Universe: The Movie

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Sometimes it's confusing to start following and watching a new series, whether it is online or in TV, and maybe Steven Universe is one of those that seem especially complicated because it already has 5 seasons, however, its movie takes a friendly approach that is appropriate for both existing followers of the series, and also those who have never watched it.

It has been already 6 years since Rebecca Sugar had blessed the world with a piece of art in the form of an animated series. It's a phenomenon that surpasses the field of fanatism and becomes a cultural thing, we're not afraid to say that this is the very most empathetic and wholesome show for children that's available to watch nowadays.

Its music direction is amazing, going from very silly and simple pieces to things as deep as a song that talks about your desire to be a better person than your parents are or were. It is full of good values, and in its movie, we have the opportunity to listen again to its best hits among all that were released in the past 5 seasons.

This movie has the advantage that the creator is the movie's director, in this case, Rebecca Sugar. Steven Universe is a series who raised with the kids, matures over time, while kids do it too. After the several finals in the tv series, we honestly didn't have a clue of how the series would be able to follow on in the future, but it seems that that future has arrived.

All the things that its author, Rebecca, built by the start finally come to end. Hence, the existence of this movie seems more than justifiable. Steven Universe: The Movie is a breath while the production decides if they continue the series or not. Not only have a time skip and also it gives Steven an actual neck, but also we really get an idea of what this series offers, and also we can see that if they ever decided to come back, it would still be able to pull out a lot of good content.

All the characters in the series have a great organic relationship, feel like they are your friends of all your life. The opening comes to us a nostalgic feeling but it never feels old

The serie is a show for kids that sometimes makes a musical number in some episodes, and as in every musical, there are so many songs that a lot of them are not so good, but fortunately, most of them are really, really good ones. The cast count with a very good voice and too much talent, we can remark Estelle, Zach Callison, and Deedee Magno, the talent in the cast is also really notable.

This marvelous film, so fresh but so mature at the same time, ends up giving a message that is based on the importance of growing up as people, it does a great job showing us that changes are actually good and necessary, life isn't always static and as we've known it our entire life, it teaches us that it is important to fight every day to be someone better, Steven remembers this in the final battle with the last antagonist leaving a great message to his audience, making it clear that Steven Universe: The Movie seeks to say more than just a series of animation for children.

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Duration: 82min

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