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Spies in Disguise

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From the beginning, the story of the first episode of the series entitled "Spies in Disguise" is about a group of spies. In this movie, they were hired by the organization called Alliance to investigate a crime and also to get rid of a group of potential spy. In this movie, only one spy managed to escape.

In this modern civilization, every citizen knows the idea of doing the right thing even if they are not given the information they need. In this movie, more than a thousand spy agents from different nations were hired by the crime boss named Vash. Even though they were sent by different organizations, these spies succeeded in stopping the criminal mastermind from getting his hands on the metal element.

The protagonist in this movie is Dr. Henry Baines. In his position as a surgeon, he was supposed to conduct a medical operation that will help get rid of the heart of a huge villain named Bron. But when it comes to saving the life of a princess named Veronica, he has to get involved in the fight against the criminal mastermind.

The second main character is Vash. A member of the Guild of Assassins, he is a very dangerous person who wanted to rule over the whole world. He also was interested to eliminate the King of England and his daughter, Princess Veronica.

The real plot of the series called "Spies in Disguise" is not really original and is basically the same as the plot of other movies. However, director Jeffrey Kurland did something great in this movie which can't be found in other movies. Instead of a simple story with action scenes, the movie was mainly based on a dialogue by the two leads of the movie.

The dialogue is not only funny but also real and in the comic book character, which they are from. This means that there is no forced character interaction or breaking the emotional bonds between characters, but the actors actually care about the story.

Besides the two leads, the movie also featured two supporting characters like Arlene Rutter and Ricardo Medina. Their character is very close to the story of the movie and they all have their own unique dialogues.

The movie also contains an original theme song by the renowned rock band, Nine Inch Nails. This is a very catchy and memorable song which was introduced in the movie. You can also hear this song during the intermission in your TV or DVD player.

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