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DC comics brings back its legendary 1940s character Shazam (Also known as Captain Marvel), who will be DC's new bet to narrow down the enormous distance that exists with the Marvel Universe.

Written by Henry Gayden, produced by Walter Hamada and Geoff Johns and directed by David F. Sandberg. Starring Zachary Levi who will be in charge of personifying the hero Shazam; Asher Angel as the little orphan Billy Batson, Mark Strong as the villain Thaddeus Sivana, Djimon Hounsou as the magician Shazam, Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman, Ian Chen as Eugene Choi, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña, Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley, Cooper Andrews as the foster father of the temporary home Victor Vasquez and Marta Milans as Victor's wife, Rosa Vásquez.

Shazam is a compound acronym, and the origin of all its powers, S of Solomon, H of Hercules, A of Atlas, Z of Zeus, A of Achilles and M of Mercury.

This incredible and funny story begins with a shy and naive child who travels in a car with his father and his brother, and plays with an eight ball-shaped toy which throws messages when they shake it, that child is Thaddeus Sivana, he tries to interact with his family but what he receives in return are teasing; in the middle of the journey something strange begins to occur inside the car, magically Thaddeus is transported to the Rock of Eternity, where he is received by an elderly man who wields a magical scepter; This tells him that he is the last of the seven magicians and that he needs to get a pure-hearted champion to replace him, but first he must pass a test; shows him the eye of sin, Thaddeus feels as they speak to him, and seat before the temptation of power, immediately the magician realizes that he is not the one and expels him from the rock and returns him to the car.

Back in the car with his father and brother, Thaddeus begins to act desperately causing an accident, which leaves his father seriously injured and his brother blames him for it.

Years later we see Dr. Sivana, a respected scientist who leads a worldwide research on hallucinations amid panic attacks; but in reality he looks for all the people who were transported to the Rock of Eternity, looks for some clue that allows him to return and take all the power from the eye of sin.

Billy Batson is an orphan teenager from Philadelphia runs away from all the temporary care homes to which he is assigned, with the firm intention of finding his birth mother and starting a new life with her.

Billy is arrested for a minor problem with the police, they deliver him to the social service where he is again assigned to another care home, but this one is very special out there seven orphaned people, the spouses Victor and Rosa, and the five little ones who have been adopted It is a harmonious place, full of peace, where good treatment reigns for all.

Billy meets Freddy, with whom he will share a room; An expert in superheroes. The next day Victor takes them to school, Freddy chases Billy and tells him that he knows that he took his valuables to sell and run away, and that he won't leave until he returns.

When he leaves school, a couple of bullies add Freddy throwing him to the floor, Billy doesn't want problems, but he knows he should help him; so it goes into action by making the aggressors angry and causing a chase to the underground.

Billy manages to escape, the car where he travels is empty, suddenly the train increases speed, the windows freeze and a series of strange symbols appear on the display. The train stops and opens its doors, Billy was transported to the Rock of Eternity.

He enters the room and the old man receives him calling him by his name, surprised question that happens, and the magician tells him that he does not have much time left, he must be his successor, Billy is very confused, and does not accept, but the old man insists and he orders him to take the scepter and shout his name, Billy doesn't know what to do; again he orders with more force, shouts my name ... SHAZAM !!!

Thus begins the adventure of this powerful and fun superhero with whom we will enjoy a lot.

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Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 132min

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