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Paramount Pictures brings to the big screen the adaptation to the biography of the British star and pop rock musical star, Sir Elton John. Written by Lee Hall who had the supervision and collaboration of the musician; directed by Dexter Fletcher and produced by Lawrence Bender; the film will be released for the United States of America on May thirty-first of two thousand nineteen.

The acting cast is headed by British actor Taron Egerton who personifies the controversial Elton John, accompanied by also British dancer and actor Andrew James Matfin Bell playing Bernie Taupin; Scottish actor Richard Madden as John Reid, the beautiful daughter of American director Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard as Sheila Eileen; English actor and comedian Stphen Graham as Dick James, among others.

The story begins in retrospect, showing the British star on admission to a clinic for the rehabilitation and detoxification of psychotropic substances and alcohol, which begins to tell the story of his life.

Reginal Kenneth Dwight, born in Middlesex, England, on March twenty-five, nineteen forty-seven, who is raised by his distant and strict mother, Sheila and his beloved and important grandmother Ivy. His father's name is Stanley, and he is an active member of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom, so he generally does not spend time at home with his family.

The young Reginal discovers his passion for music and empirically begins to play the piano, he does it spontaneously, only following the rhythm that comes out of his mind; this music prodigy had the ability to replicate a piece of music in the pine just by listening a couple of times and sometimes at the first attempt; Reginal dreamed of making his father proud with his musical skills, but he had little cared about his son's passion for music, he had other expectations about his future.

Reginal begins his path in music and like any serious artist; he begins with education, with the help of his dear grandmother Ivy, formally enrolls in the Royal Academy of Music and begins his piano training.

The young man witnesses a painful episode of his life, his mother Sheila, maintains an affair with a local man, which causes his father to leave home and family because of his wife's infidelity, which marks and seizes sadness to young Kenneth Dwight.

Reginal inclines his musical taste for the genre of rock and roll, and artists like Elvis Presley lead his inspiration; your tour starts in pubs, taverns and nightclubs. The young man has a good reception and coupled with his great talent is recruited by the band Bluesology, which is contacted to play as a support band in the musical tour of an American soul band.

One of the vocalists of the band North America advises Reginal that the only way to succeed in that world that he loves so much is focusing on him, leaving behind his previous life I started from scratch, being who he dreams to be, there is no other road; That words marked the life of the young pianist, who took the advice and inspired him to be born again, this time as Elton John.

Now, Elton, begins to write songs and musical arrangements, which immediately attracts the attention of DJM Records, who adds him to their ranks and puts them under the representation and guardianship of Ray Williams, which in turn presents him to the lyricist, poet and British writer Bernie Taupin, with whom in the short term he establishes a firm friendship.

Elton will face another nasty episode in his life, his former bandmates force him to recognize his sexual preference. Bernie alleges that this is none of his business and that it does not disturb him, so they continue with their plan to move together to continue working on music; but the project suffers a setback when they are unexpectedly evicted from the department motivated at the end of Elton and Arabella's love relationship.

Elton will have no choice but to return to his maternal home with Bernie to continue with the musical project; when presenting the first songs, Dick James, owner of DJM Records, is impressed with the results, and gets them his first presentation at a festival in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Thus, the preamble of a majestic musical career of one of the world landmarks of the genre and that will undoubtedly be in history as one of the best.

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Genres: Drama , Music

Duration: 121min

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