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Recep İvedik 6

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In the "Movie 17" of Turkish serie, "Hacettepe Karaca" (This is the Surgeon), the family of Hacettepe (Sirah) are married by her daughter to a village chief. The wedding is arranged in Hacettepe's brother's home. But the wedding is a hit and the bride dies in the honeymoon. The bride's daughter wanted to look for a way to save her mother's marriage so she get the village head to marry her to a member of the tribe but the head refused and thought that she is her mother's servant so he forbid her to take Hacettepe to his home.

However, the daughter then sought for help from a man named Erdene (Goktastek Tufan). Erdene suggested that the daughter must bring all of her belongings to their village before going for her marriage. The daughter agreed, so they went to the village. The daughter was then told by the uncle of her grandmother, who belongs to the woman from the village. So the girl asked her grandmother for help and she wanted to marry the chief's son.

While they were leaving, the daughter started to say something because her grandmother sent her with a messenger but then she fell sick in the journey and the uncle said to her to go back since she did not have any food. This girl stayed in the chief's house and was crying for the servant who was killed in the wedding ceremony.

Nini (Ismin) saw the girl but she was very afraid of her and so she left her, leaving her alone in the house and she also cried for her but it was late. Finally, Nini found Nini as a prisoner of the chief and they tried to rape her but she managed to escape.

The girl went to the chief and she revealed her escape to the chief and then the girl left them. The girl travelled on and found a man, who offered to become her husband, but she refused and asked the man to take her to the north. Nini followed but she found the mountain range that has a river and she crossed the river to get there.

After crossing the river, the girl saw a huge lake and then she returned to the village. After they were married, Nini was told that her father must be sick but the girl asked the man for a cure to her father but she is rejected. The girl went to the mayor and complained about this situation and she was told that the chief's wife is dead and the chief's wife left the village after the marriage.

Then Nini started to follow Nini to her father's room where the two are heard talking. In the end, the girl started to shout that her father died and there is no one to hear her as she died. The girl then shouted her father's name as loud as she can.

The local girl tells the girl to save her story but she could not hear what the girl is saying and she does not listen to her. Meanwhile, the girl was climbing up the cliff. Then the local girl starts to think about what she wants to do and what she is going to do.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 110min

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