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Queen & Slim

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If you've been waiting for a movie to be released from one of the best looking duo of directors, but isn't a loved by the critics, (the directors take a lot of flack on their show) then you have stumbled upon the search engine that may be the website called "Queen & Slim Movie Review". These movie reviews are nothing more than an online classified listing of movies. A great little site and very easy to use.

The website is a general listing of a movie and may have lots of categories for the viewer to choose from. They also allow one to sort through the movies by rating (5-star to Rotten Tomatoes). This way you can find out the facts about the movie before you watch it. An important note that you should know when you get this website is that the rating and any comments you have on the movie are not based on the actual movie itself, but rather the user rating.

The user rating is completely up to the viewer and therefore cannot be seen by anyone but the viewer. An example of how much these websites can help you in your quest to find the best movie. You could have never found it otherwise with the help of Queen & Slim. This makes the movie guide really a valuable and useful website.

You can utilize the website allows you to navigate to any category you want, so that the viewer has the option to explore and find the movies that they like best. The best thing about this is that if you don't like the movie, you don't have to see it again. The website will guide you toward other great movies.

The site also offers a synopsis and movie information (author, actors, directors, etc.) If the movie you are looking for has been featured in a particular movie, that movie will be displayed in the movie directory as well. So it is really easy to locate the movies you are looking for. There are many things you can do while using the site to make your search for the perfect movie to go faster. You can start out with something simple and move up from there. You can browse through the alphabetical order and narrow down your search. But if you want to find the movie you're searching for then you'll want to get started with the site's wide array of categories.

You can browse by genre, actor, director, or anything else you want. Once you've found the movie you're looking for, you can submit your comments or suggestions on the movie and let Queen & Slim know what you think. With the large user base that the website has, the website can provide you with a response back fast, so you won't have to wait too long. Once you submit your comment or suggestion, you'll see a list of things you can do in the future.

One last thing to know is that when you choose to leave a comment or suggestion on a movie, you are also sending an email to the movie's producers with your suggestion. If the movie you are looking for doesn't get chosen, you won't lose your chance to get a peek at the other movies that Queen & Slim have on display. So just keep your comments and suggestions positive and you'll find your perfect movie.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Romance

Duration: 131min

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