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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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We love coffee. You may also like it: it gives energy, helps you wake up well in the morning and its aroma cheers the faces of many customers looking for a moment of relaxation in any cafeteria we find in our city. We also like 'Pokémon', without a doubt one of many people's favorite franchises in more areas than just video games: anime, collectible card games, stuffed animals... These are two great things that make life happier. But you would certainly not join both because the result could be, at least, strange. You would not give a Pikachu a cup of coffee, he will not become addicted and negatively affect his health. Good things are well separated: coffee on one side, game console on the other.

But here we are, in the middle of 2019, and everyone is more surprised than they should because Nintendo has done the impossible: give coffee to a Pikachu. No one thought it was a good idea, they couldn't hit each other. Some associations could be alerted to this mistreatment and it sure led to years of discussion about whether the addictive drink should even be allowed to be given to dear characters in our environment. You remember 'Sonic the Hedgehog'? the coffee didn't suit him. Well, according to the Internet, nobody in video games suits him.

Pikachu drank making an energetic Ryan Reynolds shine with a special spark in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Without a doubt, he gives us the best lines and comic moments, with a script that he most likely rewrote himself to unleash and deliver his favorite joke style. Towards the end of the tape begins to become something old and not so effective.

The other actors do not know how to find the perfect spot before burning the milk or leaving it too cold. Justice Smith sometimes becomes somewhat unbearable, and in general human plots are the ones that go most unnoticed in the film and do not find the right tone to keep the audience's suspense. It is the Pokémons, those unreal creatures that theoretically should not work on the screen, that manage to capture the continued interest of people.

Pokémons are the best part of the movie without a doubt. Each of them is like a grain of sugar to enrich our drink, with hundreds of them scattered throughout the cup with different functions. As a good coffee that finds harmony between the contradictory sweet and bitter flavors that compose it, we can see that the creatures created by GameFreak have found their purpose in the city of Ryme City and create a wonderful world to see: not that of fighting that we usually appreciate in games, but one closer to the show that Hollywood wants to teach us normally. The Squirtle help the firemen, the Bouffalant serve in the ranches and the Lickitung, for some strange reason, serve as psychological and emotional support when we are sad, tears included.

It is surprising that this is the most attractive aspect of the film, since we are in a world in which the CGI is the order of the day and does not seem to surprise us much more comes with this range of flavors that works so well on screen. There are some specific exceptions, of course, like Mewtwo who is the most artificial of all creatures; but removing those cases the screen does not overwhelm with excessive special effects. You will want to leave the movie theater and have a Trubbish nearby to throw the rest of your popcorn.

The mystery that is presented to us to lead the plot is watery and hardly offers us surprises that we cannot predict: perhaps a child sees it as a police adventure full of intrigues and incredible turns, but this is his first coffee.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 105min

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