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Playing with Fire

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Playing with Fire is a spin-off from the popular Rocky series. It is based on the story of Burt Reynolds playing an African American against a white opponent.

Burt Reynolds plays a tough criminal and illegal immigrant named Billy Batson. After he became an American citizen and was given citizenship by President Ronald Reagan, he became a boxer who won the title twice in boxing and made millions of dollars for Hollywood.

The film itself is very much the same as its predecessors but some changes were made to it as it was made for movie audiences and it became a success. The movie follows the same plot as the first one but a few differences were also done by having more serious roles being played by actors from these two eras. Also, the actors are more well-known, which makes it easier for the audience to identify them when they are appearing in the film.

The movie was set during the time of the civil rights movement and the supporting characters were black, which made the movie more significant. The lead role was taken by actor Morgan Freeman, who played a role similar to that of Mike Tyson in the first one.

Besides the following storyline, there were many changes which made the movie more than just another Wild Animal movie. One such change that was made was the usage of the image of Jack Lemmon's character in The Road Warrior in the character of Billy Batson.

The audience being able to recognize him made it easier for them to identify the characters and the leading role, which made it even more significant. Another one was the inclusion of a clip from Michael Douglas's role in Trading Places. The clip allowed the audience to recognize the film very easily.

Playing with Fire was not only the best boxing movie, but it was also a movie with action, adventure, romance, humor, and lots of emotions being portrayed by the audience. This makes it more than just another boxing film.

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Genres: Comedy , Family

Duration: 96min

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