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The most amazing thing about Pinocchio is that it is in the same genre as many other famous movies of today. Many children's stories from the twentieth century feature similar themes, and some are actually the exact same characters from the books. As with any story, even the most well-known stories had elements of truth and were historically accurate.

Of course, no story ever starts the same way in every book, because sometimes there is a new perspective to look at the different parts of the story differently. Some older children's books have very little story progression, while others continue all the way through a series of different lessons.

One of the ways to help bring out the emotional and educational value of stories, particularly with children, is to show the actions and emotions and the struggles of various characters with the best use of historical accuracy. How do you create a story like this?

For children who have enjoyed the Serita Series by Mieczyslaw Wielgosz, you can use their ideas in a new and unique way. When looking for ideas, try to think about the story as if it were set in the time of the early renaissance. You could use certain history as well as current events, such as the current Syrian conflict. And use medieval European culture as well as modern social issues, such as the evolution of parenting and what to do when your child is afraid of strangers.

Using the Serita Series works well for children who enjoy more contemporary stories and who want to read about their favorite children's authors, but who haven't been introduced to the popular children's authors of today. You may also want to choose a different book from the series.

In The Serita series, there are five books that start with "Pinocchio". The first book, and the first in the series, introduces us to Pinocchio, who was a small boy who was kidnapped by the centaurs. This book deals with the moral dilemma of a young boy and the tension between his love for a donkey named Timmy and his fears of being sold into slavery.

Pinocchio is a hero because he struggles against his past self and wins. Later books feature our protagonist as a man and his trials with falling in love with Princess Torso, his rival for her hand in marriage. Eventually, he saves his town from the evil wizard who is trying to steal the Holy Grail.

The Serita series includes an interactive website where children can learn about how people lived in the late Renaissance period and even see historical paintings of some of the most famous artists of the time. This makes it an ideal way to introduce a young child to a lively world full of beautiful characters that are just as human as you and I are.

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Genres: Adventure , Drama , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 125min

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