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Night Hunter

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Night Hunter.

Henry Cavill whom most people remember and associate with his interpretation of the mythical Superman character within the Extended Universe of DC, returns to the big screen in a different facet to that of the superhero but that in a way he had already approached when I participate with Tom Cruise in the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise entitled Fallout.

Night Hunter is a film directed, produced and written by the novelist David Raymond, who debuts in this triple facet, this work of suspense and action began its filming in February of two thousand seventeen and ended in late April of the same year , being its main location the city of Manitoba, in Canada.

The film stars figures such as the aforementioned Henry Cavill, actress Alexandra Daddario, first actor Ben Kingsley, Brendan Fletcher, Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion and Minka Kelly. It was first screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival on September twenty-eighth, two thousand eighteen and moved to Home Cinema in August two thousand nineteen.

Henry Cavill plays Lieutenant Aaron Marshall, an officer who follows the trail of a serial killer who captures dozens of women and hides them in a gigantic house before torturing and killing them, along with him works the retired judge Michael Cooper, played by the First actor Ben Kingsley, and police officer Rachel, played by Alexandra Daddario, who serves as a specialist in developing criminal profiles.

After an intelligence operation in which it was possible to track and capture the suspect and alleged guilt, the authorities concluded Simón Stulls (Brendan Fletcher) does not comply with the killer's profile, nor with the intellectual abilities of to cover his tracks and maintain he hides his identity for so long, so they must continue the investigation until they find the whereabouts of the criminal.

The kidnapping killer is still free, or at least that's what the scapegoat that was arrested believes, the rare kidnappings continue in the city, this time a wave of aggressions begins with the families of local police officers, Aaron Marshall fears for the life of his teenage daughter, so he faces this fight vertically.

Rachel, who works as a specialist in developing criminal profiles, tries to decipher the connection between victims, beyond age as a fixed variable, and that all victims are female.
For his part, former judge Michael Cooper, who acts as a watchman or spy for the inhabitants of the city, provides valuable information to the police to carry out the investigation, in addition to raising certain techniques he learned during his long judicial career.

This team of researchers will have to catch the psychopath before his actions get out of control and because more victims in the city, all security forces will focus on catching him and protecting his families.

This interesting thriller is an independent work, so I do not handle the marketing necessary for a great blockbuster; his best introduction was his leading cast, entrenched in the success achieved by Henry Cavill and Alexandra Daddario, combined with the experience from Ben Kingsley.

The specialized critic was not very benevolent with this independent film, since according to the experts of the matter they lack depth and it is of short duration for the large number of characters that handle the story that at times makes it confusing, however the general audience that I can enjoy it qualifies it with an acceptance of more than sixty percent and gives a weighting of five over ten.

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Genres: Drama , Thriller

Duration: 95min

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