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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

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I have not seen the Anime movie called My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising yet. However, I've watched the movie and I must say it is probably the best anime movie out there. The whole story is really good and it made me enjoy watching it even more. I hope you will also enjoy watching this one too.

If you are also new to this series then I will tell you that the anime movie is a sequel of the My Hero Academia serie. The first episode of this serie was also recently released in the United States. So, if you watched the first serie then you will be able to watch the sequel.

The story starts when Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of the serie, met a certain Yagura during his school years. They became very close after they met and they decided to become the best rivals in the academy, which is the best bad guy in the series. This is a great idea because we as viewers get to know the pair as friends and even as rivals.

I must say that they have been the best hero and heroines in the history of anime. Not only are they brilliant bad guys but they also treat us with great respect and you'll never expect them to do something so bad. We just love watching their fights.

The anime movie is a sequel to the first My Hero Academia serie. In this movie we can see that the story is not just a story about the pair of protagonists but also as a story about the whole story of the entire series. The characters such as Izuku and Midoriya, Jirou, Aoyama, Seitenshi, Hoshino, Asui, Kaminari, Yoshida, Kinuhata, Kurauchi, Gintoki, Kagura, Hasegawa, Taki, and a lot more. So, everything is connected together in the story of the serie.

The movie also offers us a lot of action scenes as well. Even if the story is more of a sequel than an adaptation, I still think that the movie should at least offer us the same action scenes that were present in the serie. So, if you want to experience more action scenes I suggest you watch the second serie.

The animation of the anime movie is really good. It's bright and colorful and the details that are present in the scenes are really detailed.

The ending of the movie is the same ending of the serie. It does not have any fantasy stuffs, fantasy world, or any fantasy characters. So, if you are looking for fantasy world and fantasy stuffs then you shouldn't watch this movie because the whole story and plotline are more focused on the characters that are present in the serie.

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