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The Swedish film industry, together with the American independent production company A24, presents its new horror, horror and suspense production called Midsommar; which was released on July 3 and 10 of 2019 for the United States and Sweden respectively.

The direction of the film was in charge of Ari Aster, while the production was the responsibility of the duo Patrick Andersson and Lars Knudsen, in the photography, editing and editing were Bobby Krilc, Pawel Pogorzelski and the couple Jennifer Lame and Lucian Johnston, correspondingly.

As for the acting performances, the film had the leading participation of Florence Pugh as Dani Ardor; Jack Reynor as Christian Hughes; Vihelm Blomgren as Pelle; William Harper as Josh and Will Poulter as Mark. In secondary roles, we find Ellora Torchia, Gunnel Fred, Archie Madekwe, Isabelle Grill, Henrik Norlen, Agnes Rase and Julia Ragnarsson.

It all begins with the dramatic story of the university student Dani Ardor, who unfortunately is orphaned by the terrible murder of her parents at the hands of her own sister who later committed the crime took her life; This has marked the life of Dani, who is immersed in a deep emotional crisis.

Christian Hughes is a newly graduated anthropologist and also Dani's boyfriend, who feels uncomfortable about the direction his relationship is taking; he and his friends are invited by their former study partner Pelle to a Swedish ceremony called El Harga, which is held in a small community of Halsingland; days before the trip Dani finds out and discusses with Christian who ends up convincing her to go with him.

Dani, Christian, Mark and Josh, arrive in Sweden, there they meet an English couple who also go to Halsingland, they are Connie and Simon, and they were invited by a community member named Ingemar to witness the famous celebration.

On the way Ingemar offers a powerful hallucinogen from the fusion of more than two hundred different types of fungi, they call it psilocybin; and makes them rave in unimaginable ways.

Upon arriving in the village, Pelle explains that the celebration is held every ninety years, and is composed of sacred rituals that have been fulfilled for centuries and are an important part of their culture; to start the tour takes them to the steepest cliff of the place, in it an old man jumps into the void impacting directly on the rocks, Dani and company can not believe what they see, the old man has been dying and the locals make a ritual simulating their complaints and one of the members shattered his skull with a rock in show of respect causing his death.

Stunning by what happened they ask to leave immediately, Josh and Mark explain to Christian that they must stay a little longer to gather all the information necessary to be able to complete their thesis; and this, in turn, asks a little time for the uncontrolled and anxious Dani who wants to go home; Simón and Connie are collecting their things to go to the train station and return to England, there is no going back, the decision was made.

A community member tells him that Connie should hurry up if she wants to reach her partner, who has already left and left her alone; confused and furious he takes his things and leaves alone; After a few minutes, a chilling scream of a woman is heard from a distance.

Christian and Josh try to gather as much information as possible for the thesis, but their discoveries are chilling, incest, sacrifices and torture are part of their culture and traditions, they are in the middle of a wild tribe; when trying to photograph the temple scriptures he is killed and buried.

At the moment Mark is mutilated and torn; now Christian and Dani must fight with all their strength to flee from that terrible place.

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Genres: Drama , Horror , Mystery

Duration: 148min

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