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Men in Black: International

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Men in Black International.

The Men in Black return, this time without Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and without J (Will Smith), but with the same desire to protect the world from any alien threat.

Directed by F. Gary Gary, produced by Walter F. Parkes and Laurie McDonald; the script adaptation was the responsibility of Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway. It was released on the fourteenth of July of two thousand nineteen for the United States of America.

This spin-off of the original trilogy features an outstanding acting cast, beginning with renowned actor Chris Hemsworth, actress Tessa Thompson, beautiful Rebecca Ferguson, legend Liam Neeson, comedian Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall, twins Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, and British actress Emma Thompson.

This edition of Men in Black takes place mostly in the European continent, the United Kingdom, France, Italy as main destinations and some passages in the Middle East, specifically Morocco.

We begin in the mythical city of New York, Brooklyn, 1996, the little girl Molly Wright and her parents are witnesses of the action of a couple of agents of the secret organization to monitor and monitor the alien activity on earth, men in black, they try to capture an alien, but realizing that they were being used, they use the neuralizer to erase the mind of Molly's parents, while she manages to escape and help the alien flee.

Two decades have passed, Molly Wright is already a woman who tries to enter the nation's security system, but, she has been rejected from the FBI, the CIA, and special forces for her obsession with life outside our planet, Molly is not Beats what happened that night.

Molly manages to track the coordinates of an extraterrestrial landing, upon reaching the area, expects everything to happen, and follows MiB agents to the New York operations center. Upon infiltrating the agency, she is trapped by security systems and is taken for questioning, where she leaves a good impression on Agent O claiming that her life is focused on finding alien life on the planet, and that her knowledge has already been tested.

Agent O decides to give her a chance and recruits her as a Trial Agent and assigns them her new “M” identity. The now Agent M is located at the MiB branch in London, England, where he is received by the famous chief High T and Agent H, famous for the battle of the ninety-six against the parasitic race called the hive that tried to colonize the land.

Agent H has greatly declined in his duties within the organization, so much so that if it were not for his friend High T he would have already been fired and Neuralized. Agent M does her best to be the companion of H, her first mission is a secret meeting with a trusted informant named Vungus the Ugly; Good friend of Agent H, and alien royalty.

During the meeting they are ambushed by some extraterrestrial twins capable of manipulating the energy, which injure Vungus causing his death, but not before delivering a crystal to Agent M and whispering a few words.

Agent M warns that only the people who were present in the room knew the location of the secret meeting, which is a traitor in the ranks of MiB London. After that serious assertion Agent H regains his motivation and convinces Agent M to join him to resolve the case.

Next destination Morocco, they must avoid at all costs the soulless twins manage to get first to them to Pawny, the last survivor of their kind, who will help them to reveal the origin of the Twins and how to defeat them.

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Duration: 115min

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