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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

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In 2014, Disney gave a twist to the story we all knew about Sleeping Beauty. Although it provoked divided opinions, now, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil arrives with a great cast, but with a story that leaves much to be desired.

The film takes up the life of Aurora (Elle Fanning) who is already queen of the Moor and who expects her commitment to Phillip to unite humans and fairies in harmony. However, her relationship with Maleficent is endangered when a web of lies threatens an impending war between the two kingdoms.

It is always admirable when Disney does not make a remake live action frame by frame of its animated classics (as in The Lion King). That's why Maleficent got a lot of attention when it launched; However, the story of one of the most iconic villains becomes absurd and boring in this sequel.

At the beginning, it seems that the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil conflict will be between Maleficent and Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer). However, several subplots soon develop that confuse and divert attention. Why does Phillip's mother hate fairies so much? The answer does not matter, since everything in this movie is a mere pretext to show a battle between magical creatures and humans.

So we have a sequel that tries to expand the universe of this character, but fails flatly. Well, the script is very lazy because it doesn't have a main thread that takes the whole story. It should be added that this shows in how much the almost two hours of the tape weigh and even in the involuntary laughs that arise as the film progresses.

Angelina Jolie repeats her formula to give life to Maleficent in a way that resembles that of a vampire and that is probably the best thing the tape has. On the other hand, Michelle Pfeiffer does what she can with the ridiculous character that she had to develop on screen. It is a pity that these actresses (including Elle Fanning) look so wasted.

We cannot deny that Maleficent: Mistress of Evil shines through its visual part. The costumes designed by Ellen Mirojnick (The Great Showman) are amazing and perfectly reflect the personality of the three women. In addition, this sequel introduces some new beings: the dark fairies. Although they are the same as Maleficent, their huge wings and costumes are completely different and very striking.

But the saturated effects of this movie don't help at all either. We can see that in several sequences, especially when magical creatures appear, the elements made by computer are so many that one does not know what to pay attention to.

It is such a terrible shame that a franchise with such potential as Maleficent gets to be wasted and flatenned this way, considering that this could've been described as the actual best live action movie adaptation of a Disney classic ever made, and yet it falls into the sad trend that many studios have fell into through the years, and it is that they seem to don't care at all how much originality and magic they are willing to wash out of a movie if it means it's going to be a considerable hit in the box office, there is probably nothing more dissapointing for any fan of any movie, series or franchise, even books and novels.

In conclusion, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is an excuse to see Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elle Fanning in fabulous outfits. Although it is an original story for the character, it has nothing to offer and makes us wish that this sleeping beauty had not woken up for such a second unnecessary delivery.

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Genres: Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 119min

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