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Long Shot

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The New American Comedy resists death. With several of its main refugee references in the universe of streaming and series, Seth Rogen is one of the few who is seen every so often on the commercial billboard. The protagonist of Slightly Pregnant embodies hir typical character of chubby and lovable chubby in this romantic comedy focused on a romantic relationship at times hilarious, always unlikely.

Rogen is Fred Flarsky, a journalist from a digital media that has just been bought by a tycoon who rubs shoulders in the high spheres of power, including the President (Bob "Saul Goodman" Odenkirk). Its Secretary of State is Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), whose youth and modernist airs make her a firm candidate to succeed the boss, who seriously thinks of leaving the political career to return to acting (did anyone say Donald Trump?).

Both will coincide at a party, but it is not the first time they meet: years ago, she was babysitter for him. Talk goes, talk comes, Fred will end up working as a Charlotte speech writer, thus initiating a relationship that will quickly transcend the strictly professional. The problem is that if power is already a difficult terrain for a woman, it is even more so for one with a fuming partner and a large amount of background to stain the future candidacy.

As in 50/50, director Jonathan Levine balances various components (satire on power, notes on media and gender issues) with wisdom and ingenuity, and gives a contemporary bath to the codes of romantic comedy classic putting a strong and much smarter woman in the center of the action than her male partner.

Contemporary is also the appeal to a broad humorous record that goes from the most explicit laughter to the most caustic political incorrectness, going through some situations that show that the blows are still a stainless weapon for comedy.

Beyond the possible lack of originality in the story, facing the “typical” relationship between opposing people, and the lack of belonging that one of the parties feels to be in the universe of the other, the film gives us a perfect tune of two contradictory worlds: comedy and politics. Seth Rogen keeps the humor that characterizes him so much with gags more than effective, but presenting a character that, despite the ridiculous facets he can show, is a person of principles that defends his beliefs and can get serious when the plot requires him to. Similarly, the South African actress shows us a role that relies on her co-star to evolve from a being who lives for her work to someone who is able to feel and have fun. In addition to the duo, the film features the outstanding performances of Bob Odenkirk, Andy Serkis and Alexander Skarsgard, the former having a performance very similar to that of his role in "Breaking Bad" and the others performing well below their level reaching sometimes to the point of someone else's shame.

Finally, you can not ignore the notorious work in the staging and soundtrack that gives us a tour around the map emphasizing the customs, political situation and landscapes of each environment.

If you are looking forward to watching a good and fun movie, then this is it. You can be sure that "Long Shot" will be a very successful choice, because, although it does not dazzle us, it differs a lot from a meaningless comedy, showing us some great performances, making us spend a couple of hours of laughter and let's forget everything else for a while with its particular sense of humor and modern touch to the classic humor genre.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 125min

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