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Les Misérables

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The musical-comedy film Les Miserables has become one of the most famous films ever and has given a tremendous boost to the career of Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo is a French writer, whose novel had attracted many popular figures such as D.H. Lawrence, Benjamin Disraeli, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron, Emily Bront√ę, Emily Dickinson, and Alexander Pushkin. The movie adaptation was made in 1917, four years after the release of Les Miserables.

In the film, Victor Hugo's character Remy lives in a prison called the Bastille, where he falls in love with Emma. He later becomes an important part of the revolution, in which many people die, although no one knows it. Soon, his lover is imprisoned, too, and he wonders if there will be any more love in his life. However, things change when Paris is under the rule of the King.

The movie's main character, Jean Valjean, was an illegal laborer who fled the French Revolution. An orphan, he wandered through Europe and eventually ended up in Paris.

"I shall rob a bank", was Jean's first thought when he saw the police. He soon finds out that he is the sole survivor of a robbery. While he was living on the streets, he was looked after by a doctor named Javert. Soon, he was serving the king, but then decided to take revenge on those who betrayed him.

The first thing that has to be noted about the movie's main character, was that he seems to suffer from an inferiority complex. However, the movie shows that he eventually develops feelings for Emma. The relationship between him and Jean has proved to be fruitful because they successfully take over the palace. They even win the respect of the society of the time.

The movie also tells us that the characters of 'La Belle Dame Sans Fin 'La Villette' is inspired by the two main characters of Les Miserables. The illustrations of the movie were done by a famous French artist.

There are several other movies that portray the theme of the movie. In this movie, Victor Hugo's main character is shown to be a man of many emotions. With all the emotions and complexities of the character, the end result is a very emotional movie.

In addition, the movie has a good number of songs, such as the opening song, 'La Bouche Sans Fille', by Zola, who was later to become a writer and a director. The song portrays the situation in the time of the revolution and how Victor Hugo's hero's face the dilemma. Moreover, the songs, like 'Rien N'Aime', 'Dans la lune'Bon jour' express the feeling of the characters in the movie. This makes Les Miserables a very emotional movie that will definitely put a smile on the faces of those who have seen it.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 102min

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