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Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation

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Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Geri: The Gashat, and the follow-up movie "Kamen Rider W" are part of the Kamen Rider Gen Tour Series. The Gashat series is part of the Kamen Rider Series. With this series, the Kamen Riders has to fight against the forces of darkness in a realm known as "Drama". In the movie "Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider W", The Gashat faces the Eternal Darkness for the first time.

The movie begins with Neo Kamen showing up, he tells the team they need to save the world. Neo tells them to find the leader of the Eternal Darkness, he calls the Endless Sword. Neo says the Endless Sword will open the gates of the Eternal Darkness, if the team fails then it will take every Kamen Rider in the past and present lifetime.

To fight against the Eternal Darkness, the team will need to fight the Endless Sword with the power of Kamen Rider Ten, he has the power to destroy the sword. The Endless Sword was able to break the seal of the Eternal Darkness, it only left a single-eyed darkness. In the end, the first-generation of the Gashat team come in to the middle of the battle, they battle with the first-generation Eternal Darkness.

But the Eternal Darkness was able to force the Gashat back by slamming its sword onto the ground. The Gashat teams up with the other Kamen Riders to defeat the Eternal Darkness, but they were no match of the Eternal Darkness. Ten used his ability to push back the sword and close the gates of the eternal darkness.

The Gashat's later fight against the Eternal Darkness after Neo attacks them. The Eternal Darkness sends the Gashat back into the past to fight the others. Later the Gashat make a deal with the Eternal Darkness and eventually kill their first-generation selves.

After they are dead the Eternal Darkness was unable to close the gates of the endless sword and they are sent back to the future. With the Gashat in the past, they found them again in their first-generation incarnation.

The first-generation Gashat are revived by the Eternal Darkness and left alone, he tells them they will die if they don't obey him. However, he says they will survive if they perform a ritual and the Gashat obey him.

They journey to the pyramid and fight against the Eternal Darkness, which was able to absorb the powers of their first-generation selves. The Gashat are able to kill the Eternal Darkness and returned back to the present.

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