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Jojo Rabbit

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The five girls have just been called by their school's teacher and sent to perform a talent show. With the arrival of their schoolmates, such as Ricard, and finally their crush, the outgoing Hiroto, they meet up with the voice acting talent Jojo Rabbit.

Jojo brings them together to perform in a pop-art song that is obviously based on a story from their school's comedy manga, Akira. The aim of the play is to find out what will happen to the characters when they are not able to make it to school in time for their performance. To add in a twist, the end of the play is always included, so the audience can watch what happens when they miss their performances. Just like in the original manga, the original plays in this episode also have a Happy End theme, so fans of the franchise will find something to enjoy.

Next, we meet Yoshiro, who is actually named Yoshio (the name is an homage to the original artist who drew the manga), and who is also known as Jojo. His main goal is to sing a song that will ruin the others' performance. Jojo is the perfect entertainer, due to his talent and charm. He was the only one who got recognizing in his school, and he has always dreamed of being a singer. Yoshio is a bit mean and sarcastic, which is one of the reasons why Jojo is always drawn as a lonely loner character.

Jojo's three other friends, Shinichi, Kaori, and Yoshiko, are equally talented and less annoying. They are the protagonists of the song and go to school together. The main difference between Jojo and his friends is that Jojo has a passion for cute things. He is the one who encourages other characters to be more open and helps them achieve their dreams in life.

The youngest member of the groupis Nagisa, a lazy girl who likes anime and manga. She always bores at school and comes up with most of the problems and annoyances that come up in their group. Nagisa is also very selfish and cannot understand why she can't seem to get into the best possible club in school. She even bullies her classmates because of her unending sadness.

The next character is Rin, the school's leader, who comes up with strategies to help her students. She is a very determined girl, but she always ends up failing because of her stubbornness. Finally, the last character is I, the brainiest girl of the group, who becomes Jojo's mentor after a brief adventure with her in the first episode.

As the episodes progress, more people will join the group. Of course, the story is aimed towards a younger audience, so no one knows about how horrible Jojo is. This will become evident when the girls meet the parents of those who have passed away. The parents might be shocked when they hear about the abuse they have suffered at the hands of Jojo. There will be more girls in the group, and the gang will grow from there.

This is the origin of Jojo and his gang, and this is also where the actual series started. A sequel to the anime series is set to air later this year. Jojo, Yoshio, and Nagisa will definitely continue the story and create another fantasy with their own personalities. Some people say that the whole series is just an anime version of the manga, which is ironic, as both versions will have different endings.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , War

Duration: 108min

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