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It Chapter Two

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New Line Cinema, led by Warner Bros Pictures, bring back the evil clown who terrified the losers club in the town of Derry in Manie state. Directed again by Andres Muschietti, repeating in the production Roy Lee and Dan Lin, with the script adaptation of Gary Dauberman, comes the second planned installment of the It saga, which is based on the novel of the same original name by Stephen King, and to see its premiere on September 6, two thousand nineteen.

Starring James McAvoy, as the former leader of the losers club Bill Denbrough, who in his adult life has become a prestigious novel writer; Jay Ryan personifies Ben Hanscom member of the Losers Club and victim of It, who works as an architect in the city of Nebraska; Jessica Chastain is Beverly Maesh, the only female member of the club, now a resident of the city of the winds, chicago, and become a fashion designer; Bill Hader, is Richie Tozier who was Bill's best friend, now a famous electronic DJ from Los Angeles, California; James Ransone is Eddie Kaspbrak, a hypochondriac Ethiopian who was a member of the Losers Club and is now the owner of a limousine business in New York City; Andy Bean is Stanley Uris, one of those who faced the detestable clown and club member, who now serves as an accountant in the city of Atlanta.

Isaiah Mustasfa plays Mike Hanlon, an African-American individual who belonged to the losers club and who fought against It, Mike is the only member who stayed in Derry, becoming a frustrated librarian with drug and alcohol problems because of trauma lived in his childhood.

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Twenty-seven years have passed since the summer events of nineteen eighty-nine, Mike calls all the members of the losers club and they return to Derry to face their fears and end once and for all with it, what they don't know is that Pennywise will be waiting for you, stronger than before and with the firm mission of taking revenge for what they did to you.

The filming of the production began in June of two thousand eighteen and ended in mid-November of the same year, much of the film was filmed in the PineWood studios in the city of Toronto, the outsider were recorded in different locations such as the villas from Huron County in Michigan, United States; the forests of Ontario and the city of Toronto, both in Canada.

The casting for the selection of the main characters, especially the members of the losers club adult version, started in September two thousand seventeen; Jessica Chastain was practically an imposition of the director, since she did not see another person embodying the character of Beverly Marsh. By the first quarter of two thousand eighteen Bill Denbrough and James McAvoy were already official members of the cast, while the rest of the team joined between May and June of that year.

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At the moment the expectations for the film are quite high, both of the public fond of the horror genre and the devilish clown and of the specialized critic, and this is motivated to the great success that had its predecessor, which managed an impressive sum by raising more of seven hundred million dollars at the box office level and obtained a positive reception of eighty-seven percent of the audience, with a weighting of eight points out of ten, which makes it a film about outgoing in its genre.

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Genres: Fantasy , Horror

Duration: 169min

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