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Ip Man 4: The Finale

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Now, the seventh installment of the Indian science fiction serial Ip Man has become an online sensation. It is especially interesting for film lovers as it shows how a future human civilization may have developed to a peak technological achievement in the year 2550.

The title of the movie, Ip Man (which means "the fifth" in Hindi), alludes to the fact that it can be viewed as an analogy to modern-day history or science fiction in which every century brings about a huge change in the way men's politics, values and practices have changed. However, much more than that, Ip Man shows how a society developed as a result of the natural development of technology. And while this may be a theory considered to be futuristic in terms of what is seen in movies today, the way the social structures of the human civilization are developed in Ip Man is also very close to the reality of today.

In a nutshell, Ip Man, even though the first three installments were based on a fictional story about the fictional caste in the Indian Empire, the last one tells the story of how human civilization developed in the age of the city, during the Parabellum days, with the proliferation of fast-moving trains, long distance communication and the Indian Railway System, among other things. Its main point is to study how the society developed from a feudal society where workers remained subordinated to landlords, into a modern society, where the majority of the population possessed high status.

The movie is based on a novel written by I.K. Parashar, who later adapted the story and made a movie out of it.

In Ip Man, as in today's society, social group is built on how it benefits the collective members, whether the individual member or not. In this case, when people are in the city, they have no choice but to work in the construction or manufacturing industries where wages are higher. On the other hand, at home, the man must earn more to be able to buy things that he needs for himself, from food to clothing, from tools to cars, from education to entertainment.

The society, meanwhile, built a new medium of communication - radio, by which people could communicate with each other, besides the advent of telephones. Ip Man, and the movie Ip Man, show how different roles have been taken by different people in the society, particularly in the women's group, the Dalits, and how this development has led to the social stratification of society. In this instance, people on the city side are believed to be happier and more privileged in their lives than those who live on the backwater areas of the Indian countryside.

Ip Man, however, does not show any great improvement in the standard of living for the Dalits, or that of any other section of society. It only shows the consequences of changes made by the changes made by humans as a whole. This has not, so far, led to a breakdown of society as a whole, but only to a radical break with tradition and behavior patterns that were put in place by the society's early inhabitants.

Ip Man, as a movie, is of course not the same as the science fiction saga of Ip Man. But it has some elements of the story. It is well worth seeing and can therefore be viewed and enjoyed online.

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Genres: Action , Drama , History

Duration: 107min

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