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Inside Man: Most Wanted

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'Inside Man, Most Wanted', is a new film that has arrived at the cinema for this year 2019, its filming and recording took place in the United States, place of origin, in which its filming and recording was made. It is cataloged as one of the best and most anticipated films by the public especially by each of the fans of the police films.

For the production and direction of this film, an excellent group was needed to give it that necessary essence of suspense, so the talent of the famous director and film writer MJ Bassett who was in charge of the direction of Inside Man stands out. Director is recognized in the middle for having participated in screenings such as 'The Kidnapping Club' in which she was part of the film crew. As part of this filming we have in the distribution and advertising to the company Universal Pictures Home Entertainment in charge of the projection of this incredible long footage.

The premiere date was on September 24, 2019, at which time the public was given the opportunity to enjoy a film full of suspense and crime. This movie is classified within the crime and suspense genre.

This film had a first season, this story was released for the first time since this previous film had the same name Inside Man, name that remains intact for the new or second part. The original story was released in 2006, and has a duration of 105 minutes, in which the public is told how a large group of elite thieves devise the robbery of an important bank.

After13 long years  the decision was made to bring back this film, on which I base for this new production since in its first screening it had great success on the big screen, this is why this incredible filming is brought back in which will be enjoyed scenes full of emotion and suspense.

The two films carefully narrate how a group of thieves form a plan to rob a large bank, in which this group takes a large group of people hostage who by chance were in that place, all this to achieve their goal of Stole. This team is led by Ariella Barash, who seeks to steal the Federal Reserve of New York; But money is not the main loot because, what they want to get is a huge gold reserve.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 106min

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